Word of the Week 6/7/18

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s those Open University results, isn’t it? I am all about those this week! Now that we’re in the month that they are released, and sometimes they release them early, I am on tenterhooks. I’m utterly convinced that I have messed up, so it’s not a feeling of excitement, but one of doom! I am struggling to concentrate on anything and the waiting is consuming me.

I’m quite sure it’s in a very large part connected to the above wait, but I am still waiting for my normal motivation and productivity to kick in. It has gone astray, so I am waiting patiently for it to return. I have made the most of my time by reading loads and had a lovely catch up with a friend this week at a National Trust site over a cream tea.

I’ve been waiting on a few parcels this week. It is Little Man’s birthday on the very last day of the summer holidays. So whilst it’s a little while away yet, I wanted to get his presents ordered and delivered whilst he was still at school so he wouldn’t see things arriving and try to sneak a peek!

We’ve also been waiting to hear about the kids’ new teachers next year. It’s taken a little longer than normal to find out this year, but we heard a couple of days ago and they went into their new classrooms yesterday and so far, so good. We’ll wait and see how they get on from September.

With the summer holidays just two weeks way now, we are all counting down to those and can’t wait for them to start. The kids have each written a list of things they’d like to do over the summer and I’ve booked in a couple of mini breaks for us. We’ve plenty to do, and I’m also looking forward to that downtime when they can just relax and play without having to rush about.

And then there’s waiting to see how England get on tomorrow. How tense was Tuesday night?! Well, not long to wait for that one, come on England!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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16 thoughts on “Word of the Week 6/7/18”

  1. Good luck with the Open University results – I can imagine it must be hard waiting for those! Sounds like you’ve got lots of lovely things planned for the summer. I normally do the same and it feels strange to have nothing planned because of Peanut being due in the middle of the holidays. I have to admit I was probably one of the few people who didn’t watch the England match last week and probably won’t watch tomorrow either but I can imagine it was a nerve-wracking experience from what I’ve heard about the match! #WotW

    1. Thanks, they feel a long time coming! Oh yes, but what a wonderful thing to look forward to over the summer x

  2. I’ve got my fingers crosses tightly for your results, although I’m sure you have smashed it. The waiting around is the worst part isn’t it. We are waiting to hear about teachers too, I find out Jake’s on Tuesday but have to wait until Friday to find out Daisy’s. It sounds like you’ve made a great start to planning the summer hols, I’m going to do the same next week. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  3. Hi Jocelyn! I’m brand new to blogging and I just found your link for Word of the Week so I’ve joined in. Please let me know if I’ve made any errors! I know that feeling of waiting on results all too well, don’t worry I’m sure you’ve done really well! At least you’ve got lots to look forward to in summer to balance out the nerves 🙂

  4. Oh no! You have had a lot of waiting! I hope you get your Open University results soon….You will have done great and then kick yourself for worrying. hehehe Good luck!
    Ahh! I have been buying my girls birthday pressies too so they won’t see them arriving over the holidays.
    I was hiding behind my hands watching the England match….I really hope we win tomorrow.

  5. Ah you will do axing Jocelyn look at how hard you have worked? I am sure the sun has affected productivity as I have been the same and given myself a bit of a talking to this week to get back to a lot of what I love, don’t get me wring I love what I do but haven’t done a food post or craft for so long. So glad you now know the teachers for next year that is always a cliffhanger isnt it? x

    1. I think you’re right, I need to get back to some basics and writ around the things I love. Yes, it’s good to know and they’ve enjoyed meeting them x

  6. Fingers crossed! we’ve only just found out the kids new teachers so I’m sure you will hear soon, if you haven’t already 🙂

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