Word of the Week – 6/3/15

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My word of the week this week is:


This week’s been about the run up to this weekend, really. Well, at least that’s been foremost in our minds. We’re leaving the kids for our first weekend away since we had them, as it’s our wedding anniversary on Sunday, married for 13 years. We’re shopping tomorrow and then sightseeing on Sunday. The Husband is also planning in a meal/refreshment stop every hour or so over the two days, too, just because he can and because he’ll be able to eat uninterrupted and without being hurried or having to change a nappy in between courses! He cannot wait, whereas I’m probably somewhere in the middle with my ‘anticipation’. Whilst I’m really looking forward to a weekend just the two of us and an actual lie-in (when it’s been nearly 3 years, it’s much appreciated!), I’ve been the one doing the planning, thinking about what the kids’ll need and I just know I’m going to miss them. I will endeavour to have fun, though…. 🙂

It’s funny how much can change in a year, too. I distinctly remember this week last year, and I just took a look at my word for this week in 2014 and it was ‘unsettled’. The Husband had just been made redundant from his job of nearly 20 years and to say it was a difficult time is an understatement. But it all turned out OK, phew.

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35 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 6/3/15”

  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating your wedding anniversary with your hubby and enjoying some time for yourselves. ‘Anticipation’ is a much nicer #wotw than ‘unsettled’ – so glad that things worked out ok after your hubby being made redundant last year and that this year’s word is a much more positive one.

  2. Have an absolutely wonderful time away-you deserve it. Take a break from the organising and relax (although I know what you mean about the run up to these things, when we’re the one’s doing the organising.) But come the weekend and it’s all good 🙂 How much has changed in a year, gosh?! x

  3. Wow so a rather big weekend ahead. That is exactly how we see time away from G. I have only been away for 1 night in the 3.5 years and it felt HUGE. I did the planning like you so was very aware of what I was missing. I hope you manage to have a fun time. Congratulations. You deserve some you and him time and of course to eat without getting indigestion! #WotW x

  4. Exciting (and scary) times! In the past 6 years, Hubby and I have not left all our little ones and gone just the two of us. Bet you enjoy it.

    My word this week is ‘cake’! I have baked more this week than I had in a couple of years, and we’ve had our biggest Pinfail so far, he he!

  5. Have a lovely weekend away! And Happy Anniversary 🙂 I’ve linked up for the first time this week – thank you for hosting! x

  6. Wow it is amazing how much can change in a year, and how quickly that year as gone! Congrats on your anniversary and have a wonderful break away, you so deserve it and I am sure the kids will have a great time too 🙂 look forward to reading about your adventures! Xx

  7. Oh a perfect word to sum up your feelings – it must be exciting to have a weekend away but feel strange as it hasn’t happened in three years! I do hope you have a fabulous time and you can relax and enjoy your time together. I love your husband’s desire to eat at hourly intervals uninterrupted just because he can. It made me laugh!!
    Happy anniversary xx

  8. Hope you have a fab weekend away. It s nervewracking the first time you leave them but it will do you both so much good. We went away two weeks ago for the night and it was lovely just to sit and watch the world go by and chat and relax. We still woke early but we didn t have to rush and hotel breakfasts are so much fun.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely weekend away 🙂
    I just checked my word of the week from a year ago, it was relieved, how quick a year goes by yet so much changes 🙂

  10. Great word, hope you have had a fantastic weekend! After 3 years, you certainly deserve it, although I’m totally with you on missing your littles.

    Happy wedding anniversary too x

  11. Happy Anniversary! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend away. You made me laugh about your husband wanting to stop and eat as much as possible, I can’t remember the last time I actually knew what I have eaten on a meal out ;0)

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