Word of the Week 7/2/14

Thanks to all of those linking up again last week, and for your patience with the linky playing up for some of you, too. I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll be OK for this week…!

My Word of the Week is:


Yes, yes, the pig. You know her?! I could have had colds or snot, as they have been rather prevalent this week, but why go with snot when you can go with a snort, instead? Now, I’m sure he still loves Makka Pakka, but this week it’s been all about Peppa Pig for Little Man. He snorts rather effectively to inform me that he wants to either hear or see her. We have a CD which he pops on, many, many, many times a day (I really need to find somewhere higher up for our CD player to go!), and then he rushes into the lounge and snorts repeatedly to indicate to me that he’d now like me to pop Lovefilm on as it has endless Peppa episodes – a fact which I foolishly alerted him to. He gets hold of a few of Boo’s Peppa toys, too, as she’s always liked her, though I don’t recall her loving her quite this much! So yes, a new whim, phase and love has begun here. I will endeavour to enjoy it while it lasts…

What about you? What one word sums up your week best? Do share…

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52 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/2/14”

  1. Milin hasn’t yet developed the major crush on Peppa that all children seem to have at some stage. In a way I wish he would. For months the only thing he has been interested in on tv is Topsy and Tim – and I don’t know if I can handle watching our recorded episodes for much longer! X

    1. My daughter didn’t really obsess over anything (though I do remember watching Madagascar a fair few times) but Little Man seemingly has no concentration span, but an addictive streak – fun to be so different!

  2. We don’t have the sky kids channels, or Love Film, nor do we have any Peppa DVDs, yet my kids know who she is! They were mesmerised when watching at their friends house and now get really excited if they see her picture. What *is* it about her?!

  3. Lol, I love the idea of little man snorting for Peppa! We’ve managed to escape that particular joy of repeating the same thing over and over for some reason, although Mike the Knight is fairly popular 🙂

  4. Ah, Peppa pig. We used to LOVE peppa pig in this house. Sadly, she has not been around so much lately, growing up I guess. We took them to peppa pig world last year though, they adored it, I would recommend it if you have kids that love Peppa.

  5. I feel bad now as EJ has not really got a look in on any of the DVDs and JJ got a portable DVD player and froggy earphones for Christmas so he is often plugged in to Peppa, Thomas, Mr Tumble, Pingu or Chuggington! EJ won’t sit still for a story either and it is so difficult to find the time when its just him and me and I can concentrate on trying to nurture him the way I did with his big brother… Love reading about your Little Man though – he is cute second only to my EJ (to me obvs!) X

    1. It is hard to spend time like that with your second – I certainly haven’t cracked it. But, I reason that while they haven’t the one on one time the first had, they have a constant playmate which I’m certain they benefit from. And thank you, I’ll take second 😉

  6. we’re currently watching a Peppa marathon on you-tube. There’s four hours of the stuff (I don’t think we’ll watch it all!) I used to think I would barely ever watch TV with Little B- but there’s nothing bettwe than snuggling up together and watching TV when you’re both a bit tired an snotty!

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  8. I had to chuckle at the idea of your Little Man snorting repeatedly for Peppa! We’re all quiet on the pig front here at the moment – Makka Pakka and ‘Igg Pigg’ still reign supreme for now.

  9. We had a Peppa obsession with Bunny, but less so with Bear. By then, Bunny had moved onto Ben & Holly though which I much preferred (although 23 episodes back to back when they were ill once was a little too much!). Now it’s Katie Morag. Or Topsy & Tim. Or bloody Frozen!!! The obsessions change in their focus but never seem to end!

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