Word of the Week 7/8/15

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My word of the week this week is:

guinea pigs

Yes, two words again – it’s like I’m sabotaging my own linky! They need to go together, though, I feel!

We’ve been considering getting guinea pigs since our beautiful hound passed away last month, and this week we decided to go for it. Much of this week has been about guinea pig research, choosing and ordering (and then waiting impatiently for!) the hutch, popping to the pet shop to buy some toys and essentials for them and calling around to find some babies from a place that I was happy to get them from. In the end we found a children’s farm not too far away with lots of little females to choose from, as we’d decided we wanted girls, and the kids loved choosing their favourites. We picked them up on Wednesday afternoon, and we’ve been adoring them ever since.

So here they are, the newest Reading residents, Jessie and Leia (yep, Toy Story and Star Wars rule here!)

Jessie & Leia

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33 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/8/15”

  1. Wow guinea pigs. A pet I’ve never had but do think they are cute. We’re thinking of a pet rabbit for G. Just not quite sure yet. I hope your new little friends settle in x #wotw

  2. Oh how adorable! Makes me miss my beautiful guinea pigs, they’re such wonderful pets, I love the little squeaks they make when they hear food! And the cute jumps they do!

  3. I mustn’t let my two see the picture of Leia and Jessie otherwise they’re going to insist we have some too. In fact we were talking this morning about getting a puppy sometime this year. Great choice of names!

  4. How lovely you have two rather cute looking Guinea Pigs to play with! I like their names and they’re not far off what my little lot would choose, too!
    I’m a bit late posting today but I’ll be commenting on all tomorrow (Saturday). It’s one of my favourite linkys so I’ll be spreading some linky love later xx

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