Word of the Week 8/5/15

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week. Thanks to those of you that linked up last week, I look forward to reading all about your weeks this week.

If you’re new here, Word of the Week is a nice and simple weekly linky, with everyone welcome to pop by and share. You reflect back on the past week and sum it up in one word. Then share your word with us in a blog post, with as little or as much explanation as you like. It’s a fun and friendly linky, so please do be lovely and visit as many of the other blogs as you can and share with them your thoughts on their words and weeks. I do comment on every entry to the linky, and if you add the Word of the Week badge to your post to help spread the ‘word’, I also tweet them out.

My word of the week this week is:


There were several words bobbing around my head as possible contenders this week, but this one best sums up my over-riding feelings about the week.

I’ve had some truly fabulous opportunities blogging wise over the last week or so. I’ll be able to share more with you in the coming weeks and months, but I can confirm that we are now Drayton Manor ambassadors, which my kids are so excited about! I’ve also just signed a contract for another great ambassadorship, along with lining up some fun sponsored and review opportunities, too. I work hard here, and I truly appreciate every read, link up, comment and opportunity.

The Husband’s work’s been so very busy of late, but fortunately it’s also meant that he’s being appreciated at work and he’s had some good news there this week Considering that it was only just over a year ago that he was made redundant from his old job, I am so thankful that this is falling into place for him, and it looks to have been a positive thing in the long run.

My Little Man has finally succumbed to the virus that laid Boo low for quite some time a couple of weeks back. He’s been so hot, off his food, and understandably wanting every second of my attention. And all I’ve been thinking is how thankful I am that I am at home with the kids. I want to be here for him when he’s like this, and though the housework and blog schedule have both gone by-the-by, it hasn’t hugely disrupted my life as it would no doubt have done if I had returned to my old career. It’s good to be here with him, I’m fortunate to be able to do so, because of the two points above.

So yes, though this week could have been happy, excited, post (my new happy mail swap‘s been keeping me busy!) poorly, fever, or ‘Tangled’ (the comfort movie of choice!), I keep coming back to the fact that I’m very thankful.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best? Please grab the badge, link up and share.

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 8/5/15”

  1. I think this word has summed up your week perfectly! Well done on all the great blog opportunities, well deserved! I am also thankful when my children are poorly and I’m always here for them, it’s the best part of being a SAHM x #WotW

  2. So much to be thankful for Jocelyn 🙂 I’d have liked to add Tories not getting a 2nd term but it doesn’t look like that’s happening 🙁 have a great weekend xx

  3. Look forward to reading about your blogging opportunities – exciting! – poor Little Man, it was inevitable I guess but at least you can be there without the “oh gosh, I should be at work but need to be here” scenario”.
    Hope your weekend goes well x

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  5. Congratulations the Drayton Manor thing! Hope your Little Man feels better soon x It is nice to be able to be home with the kids when they aren’t well 🙂

  6. Lots to be thankful for and congratulations on your successes and new projects. I hope Little man is feeling better soon, but you’re right it’s nice to be home with him at this time. x

    1. Thanks, Kim. As do I, fingers crossed he’s on the up, but I remember thinking that with Boo when she had it! x

  7. I hope your little man is starting to feel better Jocelyn. Isn’t it lovely though, when things start to work out for you when you’ve worked hard for them. So pleased for you and congratulations on all of your new blog ventures – sounds super exciting xx

    1. He does seem to be now, thank you. It is a great feeling, and nice to have a few things fall into place all at once, too x

  8. What a great word for the week, certainly so much to be thankful for. The blogging opportunities sound exciting, I look forward to reading all about them. I’m glad everything is falling in to place for your husband, I’m sure it was quite tough him being made redundant and it’s great that everything has worked out. Hope the illness leaves your house soon x

    1. Thank you. It is all exciting and great that the Husband’s work is going well, as yes, it was scary last year. Thank you, am hoping it’s on it’s way out! x

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  10. What a lovely word of the week.
    So happy that you have lots of exciting blog stuff coming up! I can’t wait to read all about them =)
    I am also really excited to be taking part in the swap!
    I hope that your little man feels better soon.

    1. Thanks very much, it’s exciting. I do love a papery swap, fab to have you involved. And thank you, he’s definitely on the up now x

  11. Good to see things are going so well, I wish I was writing positive posts but I seem to be a little full of negativity at the moment (especially for my word of the week post).

    1. Thank you. It seems to go that ways sometimes, doesn’t it? I hope next week’s more positive for you.

  12. A great word. Sorry to hear Boo has also been poorly, I hope he is feeling better now. When we have moments like that in our house I also wonder how I would have coped with my old job. Congratulations on becoming a Drayton Manor ambassador x

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