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My word of the week this week is:


We’ve had the fun of Boo’s birthday celebrations over the weekend, including her party (which she loved!), a family get together, and a fun shopping trip to spend her birthday money. Having had Little Man’s birthday to focus on a few weeks ago, then Boo’s birthday and party, it all feels a bit flat this week. Which is always going to make me feel restless.

I’ve been jumping from task to task, as as always I’ve plenty to keep me busy. I’ve several blog posts I need to write, and I find myself dipping in and out of them, never quite finishing any of them.

I’ve been studying again this week, though for the first time since I started I struggled to get into it this week. My mind wasn’t on it, yet it wasn’t anywhere else in particular.

So then I think maybe I need to relax, switch off. Hmm, not that easy when I feel restless and short on time – should I write, read, watch a movie? I flit from one to the other, which doesn’t really do the trick.

And then there’s my boy. He’s got an ear infection that is making him a little bit grumpy at times and very restless at night when it plays him up a bit more. He’s then tired in the day, and is adamant that he no longer needs naps – he clearly does, but why listen to me, eh?!

So it’s been a funny old week. I’m hoping I can regain some focus over the coming days. I do need to.

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22 thoughts on “Word of the Week 9/10/15”

  1. I wonder if the shift in weather this week has caused a lot of people to struggle to focus on things. That restless feeling is quite horrible though, isn’t it? Hope you can find some time to relax this weekend and that next week will be a better for you. Hope Little Man feels better soon as well. Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

  2. Hi Jocelyn, I hate it when I feel restless like that and it is usually after a busy phase. It does sound as if a step back to unwind would be a good idea, at least then the restlessness may pass and you’ll be able to focus again on your blog and studies.

    Thank you for hosting.


  3. It is strange when things you have been focusing most of your attention on ends and you fell rather lost for a while. I know the feeling. It might be good to have a bit of breathing space until your next focus comes up. Hope you are feeling more settled soon. Thanks for hosting x

  4. Is his ear still bothering him? Odd one that isn’t it, hope it sorts itself out soon. And you are still feeling the after effects from the party build up I reckon, how about some lovely fresh air and a good walk to give you some space (ear infection permitting, obviously) 🙂 xx

  5. Oh your poor little boy 🙁 hope he feels better very soon. Did binge watching Game of Thrones not help? LOL! I hope you feel more settled this week 🙂

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  7. I feel like this alot recently…..can be quite annoying! Sounds like you have alot on your mind. Hope you manage to chill and get some down time. Thanks for hosting! #WoTW

  8. Oh dear, I hope that your son feels better soon, ear infections are not nice. I really don’t like feeling restless, it’s awful when you can’t settle on a task but feels rushed too. I hope you have a relaxed weekend and feel less restless soon

  9. Thank you for hosting…
    Ahh! After something exciting it is hard to get back into the swing of things….I hope things are better soon and that your boy feels better x

  10. It’s so hard to focus when your attention is being pulled in lots of different directions. I am the same with blogging at the moment – not really having time to concentrate on a post properly and starting lots. My drafts folder is full! I hope Little Man is better soon xx

  11. Ah I hope he is better Jack suffers with his ears and it really gets him down when he has an infection, I too have been restless and it so affects your thought plan lets hope we are both back on form very soon xx

  12. I really hope little one’s ear infection clears up soon!

    Didn’t you know the number 1 rule about tired children? Never tell them theyre tired or they need to sleep! I learnt that the hard way lol!

    Thank you for hosting

    Laura x x x

  13. I hope little man is feeling better now. I hate that resless feeling not knowing what I want to do it usually ends up with me searching sky movies for a film to watch before realising I’ve been looking for over an hour then not bother at all!

  14. I hope your son sorts his infection sleep deprived children are hard work! I hope the balance comes back and feels normal again soon. It is hard when you have something to focus on then it comes to an end and there is.all that spare energy X

  15. Sorry for not leaving a comment until now! Ear infections are rotten – I hope your boy is feeling better now.

    It’s horrible when you are restless. I feel that way a lot. My brain seems to be going at a million miles an hour with thoughts of things I should be doing but I then find I can’t concentrate and focus on the job at hand. Xxx

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