Word of the Week – A New Feature

The written word is so powerful, so fascinating. I’ve posted before about my enjoyment of language, and I’ve now decided to challenge myself in 2014 and start up ‘Word of the Week’.

I like the idea of reflecting back on the week, and the challenge of summing it up like this. In one word. I’m hoping it’ll allow me to stop and see positives that I may not have spotted, capture any moods in my home, or just document a relevant happening that week. It might be a word one of my children master, a hot topic that week, or a frustration vented!

And if you’re thinking that you’d like to try this, too, I’ll open it as a linky, as I’d be intrigued to read other people’s words. It’s as simple as it sounds. Every Friday morning, the linky will go live until Sunday night for you to share one word for that week. It’s your word, so whether it conveys your mood that day, tells a story, shares your child’s development, expresses progress in any area – whatever! You might theme it or just be random weekly. You might just type the word, in big bold letters, share the word with a sentence or two explaining it, or write hundreds of words detailing the story behind it – it’s totally up to you, as the only condition is that it needs to be a word relevant to you that week.

So if you’d like to join in, grab the badge and I’ll be here Friday 3rd January 2014 with my first word of the year…

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