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The written word is so powerful, so fascinating. My interest in it is what has led to running my weekly linky, ‘Word of the Week’.

I like the idea of reflecting back on the week, and the challenge of summing it up like this. In one word. It allows me to stop and see positives that I may not have spotted, capture any moods in my home, or just document a relevant happening that week. It might be a word one of my children master, a hot topic that week, or a frustration vented!

I share my week summed up in a word here every Friday, so you can pop and visit me then, and you can always read my word and all past words here, too.

If you’re thinking that you’d like to try this, too, it’s open as a linky, and I’m always intrigued to read other people’s words. It’s as simple as it sounds. Every Friday morning, the linky is live until Sunday night for you to share one word for that week. It’s your word, so whether it conveys your mood that day, tells a story, shares your child’s development, expresses progress in any area – whatever! You might theme it or just be random weekly. You might just type the word, in big bold letters, share the word with a sentence or two explaining it, or write hundreds of words detailing the story behind it – it’s totally up to you, as the only condition is that it needs to be a word relevant to you that week.

Sound fun? If you’d like to join in, you need to write your post, please then grab the badge below and add it to it, and pop by and link up at some point from Friday to Sunday. I read and comment on every post, and share them on Twitter if you’ve linked back to me with my badge or a link, too. Welcome and enjoy!

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  19. I really enjoy your word of the week section (I’m sure I’ve said that before) – but again this week Proud is what I am of my kids, my son got a certificate at the first school celebration assembly of the year and my eldest has adjusted well to year 3, and is embracing learning French!!!!

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  25. Hi
    I would love to join in with the Word of the Week but being a complete newcomer to all this I’m not sure exactly what I need to do. I understand that I get the badge, but then what do I do with it.
    I’m sorry for the complete newbie lack of understanding.
    Thank you.

    1. Lovely that you’d like to join in 🙂 You’d add the grab badge to the bottom of your blog post, publish it all, then add your post to the linky. It’s closed now, but opens every Friday morning until Sunday night. Try it next week and just shout if you need help x

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