Word of the Week – 10/10/14

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My word of the week this week is:


It’s been a good one here, starting with Boo’s birthday at the end of last week. I loved surprising her when we picked her up from school with her present, and then we came home to see her opening a pile of presents and cards, and welcomed family round for a little birthday tea. The following day we should have been off to CBeebiesland, but rain stopped play there, so instead we went to the Bull Ring so that Boo could spend her birthday money. And spend she did – we have Frozen dolls, Lego Friends, slippers from Build-a-Bear for her Leonardo and several new books – she loved her shopping, and I liked seeing her choosing everything and then paying for them herself, as she’s all grown up at 5 now! We also went out for lunch at Pizza Hut, which is always a hit with the kids, but especially this time as they have a TMNT promotion on at the moment, so the activity books and stickers were turtle-themed, just perfect for the birthday girl! On Sunday, we did go to CBeebiesland, which we all enjoyed, and I will share more about our trip there tomorrow.

This week has also seen me at Boo’s school a fair bit again. On Monday there was a maths workshop, so after we listened to the teacher sharing the key learns and expectations, we went into the classroom to learn alongside our children and see what they were up to. I love seeing Boo at school, and she clearly has fun there. I do also volunteer there one afternoon a week, so always have a peek at what she’s up to! We then had our first parents evening a couple of nights ago, too. It was good to hear from her teacher how well she’s getting on, and to be told that she’s a ‘delight’ – not always the case at home, truth be told! It was reassuring for me to hear her being described by her teacher, as I am now confident that she has got to know her and understands what she’s like, what she enjoys and what she can do. I left there feeling proud.

The last few days with Little Man have been different, as a couple of things fell through leaving us with the mornings at home. Since Boo’s started school, we’ve either had a class to go to, an errand to run or a play date to go on, so it’s been quite different chilling out at home together. It’s meant I’ve got on top of a few things I’d been meaning to do, as well as us doing some painting, crafting and baking, things that up until now I’ve largely done with Boo as Little Man’s been a tad too crazy and unpredictable for them! We had fun, despite a glitter incident!

Blogging wise, I’ve been fortunate to have a fair few PR approaches come my way this week, and so have picked out a few product reviews from them that I think the kids will enjoy. Little Man’s big boy bed has also arrived from Noa & Nani, which he’s very excited about and we’ll be putting up this weekend, so watch this space for not only a review of that, but also a chance to win one for yourself – that is exciting!

So, yes, all round, it’s been a good one this week. And I’m totally overlooking glitter-gate, the leaky conservatory roof and getting soaked-through on the school run more times than I care to count. The good’s outweighing the bad, and it’s been enjoyable!

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49 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 10/10/14”

  1. Sounds like a great week! I used to enjoy all the groups we went to but then having time out from them suddenly became precious too! Well done Boo for such a good school report! Great that she enjoys school!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean – we’re testing several and will then drop a couple that he’s not as keen on, and I look forward to that time! Thanks 🙂

  2. Glad it’s been a good week on the whole – so glad Boo enjoyed going shopping, that both your little ones enjoyed CBeebies Land and that your first parents evening went so well x

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  4. Yes, I’ve been drenched many times this week too-one day it was 7! Anyway, that aside your week sounds wonderful and how lovely to hear such positive things from Boo’s teacher.
    You’ll have to tell me more about glitter gate when we meet 🙂

  5. My word of the week is: Proud! Just like you, I’ve been enjoying my little school girl. She’s finally really settled and that makes me really happy and proud 🙂 Congratulations btw, with your new PR collaborations!

  6. Aww! It sounds like Boo had a great birthday….It sounds like she’s doing so well at school too! You must be so proud! What a great week for you apart from the glitter….hehehe x

  7. Wow sounds like Boo had a fab birthday and got loads of good stuff! I’m loving the thought of ‘glittergate’ (although I’m sure it was very traumatic at the time 😉 ) Also glad it’s not just me that has hard work boys 🙂 JJ’s school are holding a little reading workshop later in the month to show us how they teach it. It will be in the evening though so I won’t get to sneak a peak at him ‘in situ’ as it were which is a shame as I’ve started to feel a bit anxious about whether or not he’s fitting in with the other children. I’m sure he’s fine and he hasn’t seemed too worried, I just worry when he tells me he plays on his own sometimes or when I see him standing so quiet and still at the school door in the mornings while all the other children are running maniacally around the playground! We’ve got our first parent’s meeting on Monday though so I’ll make sure and quiz his teacher! Have a great weekend X

    1. If it makes you feel better, Boo’s like that in the morning, and sometimes says she’s not played with anyone, but I can assure you she does! X

    1. Thanks, she’s doing so well 🙂 Oh, it was not good! Imagine your wee girl getting hold of a full tube of glitter and yanking the top off it with enough force to empty the entire tube everywhere. Good times!

    1. We have been, and he’s been loving it! Yes, it’s been good getting into the school and understanding what Boo’s doing, and knowing that she’s doing well, too x

  8. A very enjoyable week it sounds like, and busy too! It is always lovely when you get a peak at what they’re like at school and to be reassured that they’re happy and enjoying life. Also birthdays are always a lovely time with the children – totally enjoyable. Thanks for the lovely linky, as always xx

  9. You do sound as if you had an enjoyable week with a nice balance of just the right amount of business. Boo sounds as if she had a great time turning five too and going shopping to spend her birthday money must have been exciting for her…I used to love going to spend my Boots vouchers that I got for my birthday or Christmas!

    Glitter incidents are always fun as they leave everything sparkly for weeks, it’s a bit like sand in that respect – unless you use glitter glue that is! I am sure that it won’t be long before Little Man gets a crafting head just like his Mum and sister!

    Thank you for hosting #WotW.

    1. Oh yes, she had cash, book tokens and Disney store vouchers – she was so happy! Everywhere seems to be glittering, despite repeat cleaning – it was not the highlight of my week! x

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