Word of the Week 10/2/17

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My word of the week this week is:

During January, I was pretty much hibernating. I’d get out for the school runs, then I’d be back home either working or studying, or if Little Man was with me, we’d be playing at home and having reading/movie afternoons, snuggled up. But not now, not now spring is in the air!

This week has seen us all being very sociable, and it’s felt like a huge departure from last month. The Husband’s been out to the cinema with his best mate, something they’ve not done in absolutely ages. I have had two play dates with Little Man and I have managed to catch up with a couple of good friends, as well as organising get togethers with others in the next week or so and for half term. Then Boo’s been out to a friend’s for tea after school, the first teatime get together for her this year. To have gone from only really chatting on school runs to having company every day of this week feels significantly different to me!

I’m now feeling all refreshed and friendly, so it seems spring must be coming and hibernation is over!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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31 thoughts on “Word of the Week 10/2/17”

  1. Being sociable is always good, I’m not sure about Spring though, it looked like it might be around the corner at one point but today it’s so cold and I can see a kind of sleet-like snow outside my window as I write…brrr, let’s hope it passes quickly.

  2. I think I must be part bear because I do love to hibernate during the winter months. But spring is in the air here as well (the forecast is for a high of 21 C today) and I was thinking that it might be time to dust of my trainers and hit the trail for a bit of fresh air and exercise. Have a great weekend! #WotW

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  4. I’m with you; I think Spring is just around the corner and I’ve seen lots of daffs recently too – always a good sign!
    It’s lovely that you’ve been able to make friends via the school run – and real friends you can chat to and have company. Often the way, tho, you have weeks of nothing and then everything happens in one go!

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