Word of the Week 10/3/17

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s been one of those weeks where I have been reflecting and musing over a few things.

Little Man’s parents evening kicked it off as I heard how well he’s doing at nursery, how he’s making good friends there and his confidence is growing weekly now. I found myself thinking back to his very first attempts at settling in sessions when he clearly wasn’t ready, then how he used to sob and cling to me as I dropped him there at the start of last year. I’m sure he’d still rather home, but he’s come such a long way and I love seeing him grow, he makes me so proud.

It was then our wedding anniversary mid-week, so I found myself thinking back to our wedding day 15 years ago and all that we’ve been through together since then – I wrote a post for the Husband a couple of years back sharing a little more. I can’t believe it’s been so long, and I can honestly say it’s flown by. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.

This week, always remembered thanks to our wedding anniversary, was also when everything turned upside down for us three years ago as the Husband was made redundant, and then swiftly started a new job. It was a huge change for him as he’d been with his previous company since college, and I look back on that time of uncertainty and wish I could have just told us both what I know now. He’s settled there, it’s better in every which way, so it has all turned out for the best. Again, that time has flown, and the unfamiliar is now the familiar and the norm.

Boo’s been off school poorly since Wednesday and as I lay there at around 5am yesterday morning, listening to her breathing to see if she was awake and likely to need me, I calculated that I’d had around three hours sleep yet felt ready to leap up and run to her. I reflected that it’s a funny old thing, motherhood, where instincts to protect and care for your kids give you extra energy and resources from somewhere! I have also been thinking on how fortunate we are that I am here at home so can take care of her.

And finally, I have been reflecting on my journey with the Open University. Some of you may recall me trying to make a decision over whether to recommence my studies with them or not a couple of years ago. Well, yesterday registration opened for modules starting this October so I have been reviewing my options for my final two modules as I’ll study full time from then and all being well I will have my degree next summer. That’s the plan anyway!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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27 thoughts on “Word of the Week 10/3/17”

  1. Hope Boo is better – so horrible when they are ill. It’s nice to be at home though to be with them. 15 year married – congrats! That’s a brill achievement too (hehe). hope you had a lovely day. Exciting about the OU…that time will fly! Thanks for hosting x

    1. She’s a bit brighter today, but still quite poorly, poor thing. Thank you, the time has flown by! I am so excited, just been looking at the set books I need so I am itching to start! x

  2. Hope Boo feels better soon, I think all parents (especially mums) sleep like meerkats, with one eye and one ear always open 🙂 I know I do! Good luck with the rest of your degree 😀

  3. I always like anniversary week – I think it’s a period for change for most people. I was made redundant about 3 months before our wedding (and ay the time we were completing on our first home together). All turned out ok. Life was definitely different. Hope you have a good next week.

  4. That’s a lot of things to reflect about. I hope Boo is feeling better now, and well done to your Little Man for doing so well at nursery. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary too. xx

  5. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just peak in the future to see if it was all OK? Or maybe not. Might not like what we see! Happy anniversary. A good time to reflect. So many things to be grateful for too. Hope Boo feels better soon. Thank goodness for the weekend, and how lovely Little Man has settled in so well.

  6. Aww! Well done your boy! It sounds like he has really settled in well at nursery.
    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby.
    Poor Boo! I hope she feels better soon…My girl was sent home about an hour ago after vomiting all over her maths book. lol She’s fine and is sleeping now.
    Good luck with the Open University 😀 x

  7. I don’t think I’ve slept fully for 18 years. You always have a subconscious ear out for your little (and not so little ones). I think it’s good to stop and reflect sometimes, especially when it gives you the chance to realise how lucky you are. Good luck with finishing your degree, it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since you started it!

  8. Gosh I remember how little man was at first I am so glad he is all settled now, and hope poor Boo is on the mend its so awful when they are ill. Happy anniversary we have been married 23 years this year it flies doesn’t it? And I fully understand how redundancy makes you feel, you are so right it would be wonderful to see how things will work out, in most cases it would be so reassuring x

  9. I hope Boo is feeling better and managed to have an OK weekend. Poor thing. It is funny how we can survive on very little sleep and be so instinctive for our children. Years ago if someone told me I’d be up every day at 7am, regardless of what day of the week, I wouldn’t have believed them! It has been a reflective week for you; I do remember reading posts about your little man not settling into nursery, even after Christmas, so it must be great to hear how well he’s doing at school and reflecting back on those tough settling in times.
    Best of luck with your Open University – again it doesn’t feel like long ago you were making the decision to get stuck in!
    And happy anniversary to you, too

    1. Not yet, I keep looking for signs of improvement, it’s taking her a while to shake this. Little Man’s doing very well, it is great to see. Thanks! x

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