Word of the Week – 12/12/14

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My word of the week this week is:


I’m always proud of my children and I always think they’re totally amazing, but sometimes, they surpass my expectations….

This week has seen my gorgeous Little Man impress and surprise me twice. On Monday we had his health visitor 2 year check up. I filled out a questionnaire in advance with what he is and isn’t doing, and then went along to the meeting. I’d said to my mum that he’d no doubt sit there next to me, not say a word and make them think I was making it all up! He tends to be quite shy with strangers and has never been one to ‘perform’ or just ‘do’ on cue! How wrong was I. I so underestimated my boy, as he was really chatty in there, sat and built a huge stack of bricks, moved to the next table and coloured in, to the next where he played with the farm animals naming them all and playing imaginatively with them. I know that he can do these things, of course, but it was the fact that he actually did them with strangers and did them with gusto that took me by surprise! There were no problems, he’s reaching his milestones and he’s pretty tall, which we knew! The following day was his playgroup Christmas party, and Santa put in an appearance. I expected him to be shy and refuse to go and collect his pressie, but no, he happily tottered off and even sat on Santa’s knee! My sociable, clever boy 🙂

Boo has a main part in the upcoming nativity and refuses to practice her lines with me. I was a bit concerned that she wouldn’t know any of them, but her teacher informed me that she’s doing brilliantly well with them, and injects just the right amount of theatre into delivering them! She is also absolutely flying with her reading and writing, and this week’s homework saw her move up a level with her tricky words and her reading books. I’m so very proud of her, and she absolutely loves it.

And a little something for the Husband and I? I enter the odd competition here and there, as I pop around in blog land, but don’t expect to ever actually win. Well, once again my expectations have been surpassed. I received an email a few days ago to say that we’ve won a night in a Travelodge of our choice, brekkie included, and it’s…..for a couple only! What?! We’ve never been away from our pair and I cannot remember the last night of uninterrupted sleep we had, and certainly no lie ins passed 7am. We’re going to book one for our anniversary next spring, near to Chatsworth House where I’ve been wanting to go for sometime, and we’ll actually be able to stroll round it and enjoy it at a leisurely rather than break neck pace. We cannot wait!!!

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43 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 12/12/14”

  1. What a lovely week you’ve had! Well done to Little Man on doing so well at his 2 year check and being so sociable and to Boo too for doing so well at school. A break for just you and your hubby sounds wonderful – congratulations on winning the competition! Lovely to link up as always to #WotW – thank you for hosting.

  2. Lovely week for you all.
    Well done Little Man at his check up, it’s always a “will they, won’t they “perform?” scenario.
    Good luck to Boo in the play and fab news re her going up a level.
    And the weekend away sounds wonderful.

  3. That sounds like a great week, well done little man and I’m sure Boo’s nativity will go well too. It sounds like she wants to surprise you too which is just lovely of her (though I can imagine just a little bit worrying for you!). Chatsworth is fab and the estate owned pub in the village near the farm shop did some great food.

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  5. It’s lovely when they surpass our expectations. My little man is really quite shy around new faces but every now and then he opens up and puts his shyness to one side and my heart swells. Well done on the competition win too, sounds fabulous!! Enjoy it xx

  6. I never win anything either, that’s why I don’t like joining contests. I always think, what’s the point? But now you’ve just inspired me! 😉 Lovely to hear about your little man and Boo doing so well. Then again, I’m not surprised at all 🙂 #wotw.

  7. Well done to both your children-I’ve no doubt Boo will be a star! And how brilliant for you, I know how much a night away together will mean for you both, and I’m so pleased for you x

  8. Ah this is a great word for you this week. Harry’s check-up was exactly the same as Little Man’s. I didn’t think he would do anything but was brilliant. I love it when they surprise us nicely 🙂
    Well done to Boo, she sounds like she’s doing great in school!
    Well done to you on the win. How exciting to look forward to a night alone. i hope you both have a lovely rest and a great time x

  9. What a lovely week, well done to Little Man and Boo, it’s wonderful when they wow you like this isn’t it, such an amazing feeling. And, lucky you with a night away, we haven’t done that for far too long and I think we need to sort that out for the New Year! Have a lovely weekend Jocelyn xx

  10. How wonderful that you won the Travelodge night! Make sure you have that leisurely walk, enjoy the quiet and you’ll be all refreshed for getting back to your little ones. Well done to your little man and Boo too. Sounds like your family is doing great! 🙂

  11. Sounds like you’ve a fabulous week,winter great when people and things in life exceed your expectations?! As for winning the competition, that’s a real treasure of a prize. I bet you can’t wait!!
    Thanks for the lovely linky xx

  12. Hi Jocelyn,

    Seems like forever since I participated and I’m sorry it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me! It sounds like you all had a really great week. It is always a blessing when our little ones surpass our expectations not to mention proud moments indeed.

    Wishing you another lovely week ahead.

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