Word of the Week 14/10/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Because I have been!

Over the weekend, Boo had a birthday party to attend so we were both very sociable there. We then met up with friends in the park on Sunday, as well as visiting family. Monday saw Little Man and I on a soft play date, before catching up with my mum. Tuesday I was hermit-like as I wrote my first university assignment of this module, but I did also take the time to book in a couple of get-togethers with friends (as well as applying for Little Man’s school place, how is this happening?!). On Wednesday I dropped my boy at my mum’s so that I could go and visit my bed-ridden mate Emma (you may know her as BrummyMummyof2) and relieve her boredom for a few hours. Then last night I was out with friends having a good old chat. I love weeks like this, but that said, I am quite looking forward to the solitude that today will bring whilst the kids are at school and nursery!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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30 thoughts on “Word of the Week 14/10/16”

  1. You’ve certainly been sociable! 🙂 I can’t believe either that your little man will start school soon. It’s happening way too fast isn’t it? That’s what I feel every time I look at T 🙁 #wotw

  2. It’s great when you are in the mood to be sociable but it’s nice to enjoy your own company too and it sounds like you got the balance exactly right this week. I love a good old catch up with my friends it’s great to talk about something other than the latest episode of Twirly Woos ! #WotW

  3. Catching up with friends is lovely and cathartic – sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old chatter about life!! Sounds like you’ve been quite the busy social butterfly and you still managed to get some Uni work in. Not sure how you do it all & blog?!
    As for applying for school places, yes time goes by too quickly!
    I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the weekend

  4. Busy busy busy, nice to have sociable periods though. Perks me up I find! Impressed at th uni work – I teach a foundation degree at a local college/uni and I have no idea how people manage to get their assignments done!

  5. Ha ha I am exactly the same, I thrive off being busy but then crave chilling out, I am never happy a good balance would be one quiet day one busy in rotation, but that is never going to happen ha ha x

  6. Sociable is such a lovely word of the week – glad you’ve enjoyed catching up with friends and family, going to soft play and birthday parties and generally having a lovely week. Hope this week has been just as nice. Thanks for hosting #WotW and so sorry for taking so long to catch up on posts this week!

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