Word of the Week – 14/11/14

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My word of the week this week is:


Yes, yes, I do know it’s only mid-November, do not fear, I’ve not gone mad! But, Christmas has to be my word this week, as it’s definitely dominated my activities and thoughts…

My Christmas shopping is nearly complete, though I’ve yet to purchase anything for the Husband. I’m sure he’ll let me know what he wants soon enough. I’ve bought advent calendars, both papery and chocolatey in the past couple of weeks. The TV adverts have well and truly kicked in – do they wait until Bonfire Night’s over and then go for it? Is there a secret date that all retailers know about to do this?! And I do adore the John Lewis ad, being a fan of penguins. Boo has written her Dear Santa letter (I also shared my top picks on where to get lovely Dear Santa sets this week, both in the shops and free printables), as she wants to ensure he gets it in enough time to be certain she gets her wish! We’ve also started writing her class Christmas cards, as I figure she’s only going to want to do one or two every couple of evenings, so best get cracking now! On the blog front, we’ve had two invites to lovely days out and events where the children will get to meet Santa (I am so looking forward to those and sharing them with you), along with having a fair few people getting in touch interested in gift guide and toy collaborations in the run up to Christmas. And, well, I’m just feeling it now. It’s hit me this week, and I’m hoping it’s a good one this year, especially after last year’s awful one. And this week, I also bought The Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack. If you read about Muppet Christmas Carol Day last year, you’ll know how important this is!

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55 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 14/11/14”

  1. YAY we’re allowed to say the C word without getting lynched! Love this time of year, and am really looking forward to it. I’m a bit sad that my 2yo has learnt how to say the word properly though, Pippis was so cute 🙂 GREAT word xx

  2. I have to admit Christmas has really become prevalent this week what with all the adverts appearing and I took my sister Xmas shopping yesterday so it’s in the forefront of my mind! Luckily I’ve got pretty much all the kids now so I’m feeling happy about the buying! x

  3. Oh my gosh I haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet…lol I do have all of the Christmas decoration boxes out of the garage but the shopping is so dreadful as every store is so very packed. I keep saying that I’m going to get it done before Novemeber next year, every year and never seem to get it done.

    Thank you for hosting #WotW as I enjoy linking up and sharing my week!


    1. Ah, you see none of our decorations are sorted yet, so you’re a step ahead there! Yep, I do mine on-line as I hate the shops this time of year. Best of luck with it, and thank you 🙂 x

  4. As ever, I am in awe of your organisational skills-please can you help me once you’re done?! I do hope this year is illness free for you all and you get to enjoy everything. I’m gutted as we had an invite to meet Father Christmas too but the time frames are just too tight for us to make it. Never mind x

    1. Of course I can! Oh, I so hope so, last year was just awful. Ah, that’s a shame, hope you manage to get to another one then x

  5. I nearly went for Christmas for my word of the week too as I’ve managed to start thinking about it in November which is nothing short of a miracle for me! Hope that Christmas will be a much better one for you this year x

  6. I love christmas. I’m impressed you’ve almost finished your xmas shopping! I haven’t even started…must get my act together!
    I have started thinking about xmas this week too. x

  7. It does seem early in some ways, but there’s still lots to do isn’t there? Well there is in my case – but I’ve started to think about it too, have placed my order with the butchers and even started some online shopping though bizarrely my dad and my brother’s presents are already sorted – usually they’re the ones I struggle most with.

    1. Yes, plenty, and I like to enjoy getting into the festive spirit with the kids in December, so don;t want to be stressing about shopping and organising then – that’s the plan! x

  8. Oh wow, I do envy you! I have yet to begin my Christmas shopping. Hopefully I’ll get it done before December as I hate the Christmas maddening rush. The course I’ve been doing ends this week, so that means I’ll have more time to think about Christmas. Yay! #wotw.

  9. I’m always impressed with people who manage to get themselves organised by November. This year I’ve made some of the presents so they had to be done fairly early. But, like many, it’s always the boys that leave me scratching my head!
    Thanks for hosting this thought provoking link – I really enjoy it!

    1. I love to get it done now, so I’m ready to just have festive fun in December with the kids! You’re so very welcome, it’s lovely to have you join in 🙂 x

  10. I LOVE your word!!!! Oooooh just seeing the word gets me excited 🙂 I am as bad as the children lol I love Christmas and the build up to the big day. We have just about finished shopping too, all we need to get is a few stocking fillers. It is a nice feeling knowing that it is all done xx

    1. The build up with little ones is the best part! It’s a lovely feeling and I’m nearly there now. Then it’ll be wrapping it all whilst watching a Christmas film 🙂

  11. OMG you are so flippin’ organised woman! Can I hire you please 😉 I’m not quite sure why I feel the need to operate in panic mode – I wish I didn’t!! Go you though 🙂 X

  12. I just realized that a lot of times I would comment on all the #wotw entry but never to yours! Goodness me!

    Christmas is really near and I can feel it in the air. This one will be special to us as my son is more aware of things now and he is enjoying events more. I cant wait for him to experience it and enjoy it! Hopefully its going to be an awesome one for us [& everyone in the world =) ]

  13. Yay for Christmas! We are just finishing off the gift buying for friends this month. We plan to do nothing but spend our time crafting, decorating the house and enjoying family time at christmas events for the month of Dec. Yay

  14. I love Christmas and I could so easily have it as my word of the week every week from now until the big day…..hehehe It sounds like you are preparing well! I’ve nearly finished buying the presents….Oh & I bought an Elf on the Shelf yesterday! So excited! Great word x

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  16. Goodness me I feel very disorganised. Christmas is passing us by so far although we do plan on making a few gifts this weekend. The kids haven’t even done a list yet either so must prompt them to do that too!

  17. Ah, Christmas! You sound super organised, as ever. We finally got cracking on our shopping this week after a slow start. It does feel good to be getting things ready. December is much more enjoyable when you’re not running round in a blind panic! Even the husband has got involved in his lunch breaks. He’s got three brothers to buy for and this year must be a record for having their presents sorted early. Who knows, I may even get the Christmas cards written in time for second class post this year! I’ve also started collecting festive bits and bobs to share with Little Miss in the run up to the big event – little craft kits, stickers, paper chains, a festive colouring book and some fab good-as-new Christmas-themed books I spotted by chance in a charity shop window. Getting excited just writing about it!

    1. Yes, it makes such a difference once the shopping’s finished and I can just enjoy Advent. Well done to your husband, mine always leaves gift-buying to me- not that I mind! We’ve already written some cards, and mine’ll be done in time for the 1st December – yes, I’m weird, I know! It is exciting!

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  19. I love Christmas and like to have my Christmas shopping all but done by the end of November. I am not the most organized of people at the best of times, but hate to be rushing and tearing around in the week before Christmas as I like to have the time to enjoy all the twinkle and atmosphere of the festive period.

    I still make up advent calenders for the children. They have had the same ones for years; a Snowman and a Father Christmas covered with small pockets, just big enough for small treats.

    Thank you for hosting #WotW.

  20. Hi Jocelyn, I love Christmas and like to have my Christmas shopping all but done by the end of November. I am not the most organized of people at the best of times, but hate to be rushing and tearing around in the week before Christmas as I like to have the time to enjoy all the twinkle and atmosphere of the festive period.

    I still make up advent calenders for the children. They have had the same ones for years; a Snowman and a Father Christmas covered with small pockets, just big enough for small treats.

    Thank you for hosting #WotW.

    1. Yes, that’s it exactly. I love the festivities and want to enjoy them, without stressing about things I need to do. Ah, sounds like a lovely Advent tradition 🙂

  21. Oh no, Christmas! It’s a great word, I love it (and it’s also my birthday) but I have my daughter’s birthday to get thru first (end of November) before I can really start thinking about Christmas!
    It sounds like you’re well and truly on your way. I wish I was…!
    Thanks for the lovely linky, as always xx

  22. Yep, Christmas is definitely looming large in our house too at the moment! It does kind of feel like it’s come out of nowhere – as you say, like someone flicked a switch after bonfire night. You sound like you’re brilliantly organised – I still have an awful lot to do!! x

  23. This is my word of the month! I am panicking trying to get all presents (mostly knitted) ready to post by December 1st so that they arrive for Christmas and I am not left with very much time! I am a bit panicky! But it’ll be plain sailing in December!

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