Word of the Week 15/4/16

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My word of the week this week is:


OK, I often have quite a bit on my plate with family, home, studying and blogging, but this week has somehow felt more ‘timed’ than normal.

What I mean there is that I often use to-do lists, especially on the 2 days when Little Man is in nursery, but this week I have literally planned my days out to the minute trying to cram everything in. It’s been a mixture of everything needing to get done, from posts to housework to studying to odd-jobs to things with the kids – you get the picture. It’s not been stressful, just full-on and a bit tiring.

We’ve also had a couple of appointments this week, some booked yet to come, and I’ve had the delights of getting Boo into school early for a new before school club. Just once a week on a Monday, but it throws all of my normal morning routine timings out. To be honest, once we get used to it, I do like it as we miss the normal school rush so it’s a lot faster to do. Oh, and Boo does love her new class, too!

Amongst other bits and bobs, my #BringBackPaper stationery swap has been bundled up and sent, I’ve bought birthday gifts for friends, made plans for the Husband’s 40th that is fast approaching and I even managed to squeeze completing my tax return in, way before the deadline, so I am feeling a tad smug about that!

I am hoping next week will feel a bit more free and easy, but I’m not too sure I can see that quite yet…

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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36 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/4/16”

  1. Sounds like this week has been a really busy one – hope that have everything planned out and timed has helped you to get everything you need done! Glad to hear that Boo is enjoying her new before school club. Thanks for hosting #WotW and hope the weekend is a bit less full-on for you.

    1. It kind of has, though today’s been another of those blink of an eye days! Ah, she loves it, thanks. It’s a self defence class so she’s been showing me her moves! x

  2. Hi Jocelyn, you must have had your week timed with military precision to get everything done! Bet it was worth it though. Making that bit of extra effort to get out the door early to get Boo to a before school birthday club must have been worth the extra effort in time saved. As for hubby turning 40… It’s not that bad. I think I’ve blocked the whole experience out!

    Have a slightly less full on week next week and thank you for hosting.


    1. It has been! He’s happy enough to be turning 40, I think, as it means a weekend away for us which he’s really looking forward to! Thanks x

  3. Oh I kind of miss the times when I was so busy everything had to be timed. We do have a few appointments coming up which are going to throw everything out of sinc, I think next week my word will probably be busy! I’m glad Boo enjoys the early classes.

  4. Sounds like our week has been pretty much the same!
    Lovely to hear that Boo is enjoying her new class, so well worth setting out earlier for, and definitely a bonus if you miss the morning rush hour.
    Hope you have a lovely chilled out weekend to make up for the hectic week.
    Thanks for hosting x

    1. Yep! Oh, definitely, and it’s a self defence class so useful as well as enjoyable for her. I doubt it, but thanks! x

  5. It sounds like you have had a busy week…
    My youngest goes to the breakfast club once a week at school and she loves it. I do too. It is nice not to get caught in the school rush.

  6. That is understandable especially the change from holiday to school term plus all the atyitioval appointments, hubby’s birthday it can get on top. As long as you have some time to wind down that us important too. great to hear boo likes her club. Hope next week is calmer X #WOTW

  7. I really need to start on my to do lists. Timing would really help me. Well done on completing your tax return so soon. I have just ordered a filing cabinet to start sorting out all of my paperwork and putting it into some kind of order!

  8. I thought I was a planner, but your planning is second to none! That’s quite something… but I bet it was worth it for all the jobs and bits and bobs you managed to do. How exciting to have a 40th birthday in the pipeline, I hope it goes without hitch and all your planning comes to fruition

  9. Oh goodness, timetabling your daily life? That’s serious stuff! It does sound as though you have a lot on your plate though. If it works? Why not?!

    1. It is unusual, even for me! It’s just been one of those weeks! And yes, it’s enabled me to get through it unscathed!

  10. Sounds like a really busy week. I have a bit of a love /hate relationship with those weeks. I love being busy but not so much being tired at the end!! Thanks for hosting x

  11. I need to manage my time better some days, I tend to waste the odd half hour here and there. The annoying thing is I Know I am doing it yet still do. Sounds like you have it down to a fine art x

  12. Ah I can understand how things can be a little out of kilter at present for you but beating the rush hour sounds good to me and Boo liking her class is a positive too. Thanks for hosting #WotW

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