Word of the Week 15/9/17

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s actually been a better week than I’d thought it would be!

The biggest thing has been my son starting school. Little Man has been happy to go to school each day and he tells me that he loves it, which is wonderful and much better than I’d hoped for. This has been his first full week of doing all day every day, and whilst he’s definitely tired, he seems to be adjusting well. I’m also managing, though I’m not counting my chickens as I could definitely still drop the ball!, to remember everything I need for both kids each morning.

I have been a lot busier than I’d imagined, to be honest, which I think is good? Better than I hoped? Kind of, as it hasn’t given me time to miss the kids or feel really aware of how quiet the house is.

I’ve been to the gym a couple of times and those sessions were better than expected as I didn’t go whilst the kids were off so I thought they’d kill me! I’ve been studying and so far, all’s well, better than hoped in terms of juggling the two modules. I have been to the dentists, not something I like to do, but the appointment wasn’t as awful as I’d been imagining it would be! I have also been de-cluttering which has gone really well as things look tidier and the kids have been great at giving things up – they’re usually quite good with this, but they were even better this time round. I have then been preparing for Boo’s birthday party in a couple of weeks time, making plans for food and getting gifts and cakes sorted, and yes, that’s also been a smoother task than I’d anticipated, phew.

I know it’s early days and pretty much everything I have talked about here could all go completely to pot next week, but for now I am taking the win!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/9/17”

  1. It’s great to hear that this week has gone smoothly. I know what you mean about trying to remember everything for school in the mornings, I have written it all down so I remember. It sounds like you’ve packed loads in this week, it’s good to keep busy. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I’m so glad that things of gone better than expected, I hope your little man continues to enjoy school.
    My kids go back next week, it’s been a very long holiday and I’m going to miss them, but it will be nice to have some time to myself again.
    Thanks for hosting x

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  4. It does sound like a successful week. Glad it went more smoothly than you anticipated. You’ve fitted so much in. You need weeks like this to keep you going when it does go to pot. Fabulous that Little Man is enjoying school.

    1. Yes, you’re so right, I needed to cram stuff in whilst I could, to allow for the weeks of chaos! He’s so happy there, it’s lovely to see x

  5. Sounds like a successful week, I am so glad little man is loving school it is such a hurdle and enjoying it is huge. I went back to the gym too this week and loved it, it felt so good to have the time to go x

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