Word of the Week 16/1/15

It’s that time again where I sum up my week in a word, and invite others to do the same. I do enjoy pausing and thinking back over my week, and looking for an overriding theme. And I thank those of you that take the time to do the same and then link up with me here. It’s a pleasure to have you all.

If you’re new here, Word of the Week is a nice and simple weekly linky, with everyone welcome to pop by and share. You reflect back on the past week and sum it up in one word. Then share your word with us in a blog post, with as little or as much explanation as you like. It’s a fun and friendly linky, so please do be lovely and visit as many of the other blogs as you can and share with them your thoughts on their words and weeks. I do comment on every entry to the linky, and if you add the Word of the Week badge to your post to help spread the ‘word’, I also tweet them out.

My word of the week this week is:



It’s been a week of flurries of activity here, along with a snow flurry, too! As to that, the kids were delighted, whereas I don’t like the snow, unless it’s at the weekend, as I do not enjoy driving in it at all. Still, their enthusiasm was delightful to see, and at least it washed away within the day!

Little Man and I have had flurries of activity followed by lazier days. We tried out a new playgroup this week, which he really enjoyed, so we will be going there again. It was lovely to see him wandering off and exploring all by himself. A few months ago he’d have been clinging to me anywhere new, whereas he was quite confident and happy to go off and have his own adventures this time. I love seeing him growing up.

I was then determined to book us a Sun holiday break when the booking site opened at the weekend. We’ve been on these before, and they do work out cheaper, and as we’re now restricted to school holidays for the first time, I knew we needed to get cheaper! So I was lurking that booking site waiting for it to open all of Saturday evening, as it often opens before the official day and I knew I had to get in there early to get where we wanted during the Easter holidays. It was getting later and later, and I just wanted to go to sleep. I checked it one final time before giving in to sleep and it was open – hooray! So at about 10 to 12 on Saturday night, there was a sudden flurry of activity as I leapt out of bed and ran downstairs to book our break, and yes, we got what we wanted! So we now have a holiday to look forward to, bagged at a bargain!

I’ve had flurries of emails for this here blog, too. Whether it’s because my rankings are quite good at the moment, or whether it’s just the start of the year and there’s plenty going on, I’m not sure. I just know that I’ve had a lot going on, and each time I go off and play with Little Man for a few hours ignoring my phone, on my return, I’ve had another flurry of emails. We will see how long that lasts for!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best? Please grab the badge, link up and share.

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59 thoughts on “Word of the Week 16/1/15”

  1. Fab word hon! Congrats on your bargain holiday and all your blogging ops! You are going from strength to strength Jocelyn and it’s lovely to see – just goes to show that hard work DOES pay off in the blogging world. Have a fab weekend xxx

  2. What a flurry you have had!
    I’m sorry (well I’m not teehee) I love snow but we haven’t seen any – boo.
    I’m glad you have the holiday booked you wanted worth the late night.
    I’m also very happy for you that your blog is really taking off you have put a lot of effort in to produce a Great! Blog with Fab link ups! – well done.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I think it shows how Frozen obsessed I have become that this word made me thing of Olaf ha ha! We’re yet to have snow of any sort here and H is desperate for it. All the christmas films and TV shows made him think that it always snows on Christmas Day so he was very disappointed. Someone obviously mentioned it would snow this week and he keeps asking me, bless him.

    Well done on the email flurries. It’s testament to how well your blog has done, well deserved xx

  4. I’m not such a fan of snow either. I mean it looks pretty but it’s not very practical – I’m hoping we’ll avoid it all together here! Thanks for hosting and love your word this week x

    1. I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t linger and I needn’t drive in it, but those things are rarely the case! x

  5. Well done on having the tenacity and patience to book the holiday-I’d have given up! And how brilliant to see your Little Man beginning to find his way, not to mention the promising blog front too. Sounding very good all round 🙂 x

    1. I was determined, but admit I was starting to flag! Little Man has been up since 5.30am, and I knew he’d do the same again the next day, so I was watching my window of opportunity for sleep diminishing! I was so proud of my boy, he was just great 🙂 Thanks x

  6. We were hoping for some snow to fall over Bos too. But in spite the forecast, no snow appeared in our little village. T and her friends were disappointed 🙁 … How nice that you were able to book early and get a bargain! We’re saving up for a sort of major holiday during the summer break, so I doubt if we’re going anywhere this Easter, maybe just nearby. I know what you mean about lurking, I’ve been been hovering over different airlines, looking for the cheapest deal too. With the three of us, it’s going to be really expensive, especially since T is four now and of course, we pay the full amount for airfare for her too! #wotw.

    1. They are so expensive, with the kids getting older and going in the main holidays. We’ll keep searching out bargains! Good luck sorting yours x

  7. Flurry is such a lovely word for the week. We’ve not had any snow here yet. Glad you managed to grab a bargain break too! Thanks for hosting and lovely to link up again, hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  8. Flurry is such a lovely, floaty kinda word although it can quickly turn into a deluge…a deluge of blogging opportunities for you, perhaps?!! Well done on that score. The weather forecaster predicted snow for us since mid week and so far we’ve received nothing – not one flurry! The children are beside themselves with desire for snow! Good on you for staying up so late and booking your holiday, it feels good when you bag a bargain esp when it comes to booking during summer holidays, which is just extortionate!!
    Sounds like another good week

    1. I was very pleased with myself, as the saving is significant, so we have more money to spend enjoying ourselves while we’re there now 🙂 Hope you get that longed for snow soon, then! x

  9. We haven’t had any snow here, much to my children disappointment. Great on booking your holiday, hope you have lovely time, it’s always good to have something to look forward to. x

  10. Well done on the holiday! will be something for you all to look forward to 🙂 we only had a little bit of snow, which is fine by me because I don’t “do” snow! LOL!

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  12. FLURRY! I love it… and the perfect word for your week!!

    It’s lovely, isn’t it, seeing these littlies get into nursery life! My two started just before Christmas and have had four sessions now, this year. Similar to yours, they were very clingy initially but now run off to play and explore without a care in the world. It’s so heartwarming to see!!

    No snow yet for us… hopefully may see some ‘flurries’ this weekend! xx

  13. Such a happy word! It sounds like a great week!
    Well done on getting the holiday booked….It sounds like a very exciting time!
    I’ve had flurries of emails too….Probably more in the last two days than I have in the last 2 months….hehehe

    1. We’re off to Somerset, and I’m hoping to get a trip to Longleat and Bath in while we’re there 🙂 Thanks x

  14. What a fab word, and how apt that it would snow at the end of the week to tie in with it!
    It’s great that your wee man is growing his independence a bit. It is so nice to watch them start to find their feet a bit!
    I’m so pleased you are getting a Flurry of blogging opportunities, you have worked so hard and it’s paying off, well done x

    1. I know, so handy for my word! It’s really lovely to see him, and feels almost more precious this time round, as my girl was just always into everything, whereas he’s taken a bit longer to come round. Thank you, that is lovely of you to say x

  15. Great that you persevered with your holiday booking, I always collect the vouchers try once and give up! maybe next time I’ll keep going 😉 I hope you do get to Longleat, I love it can’t want to take T.

    Thanks so much for hosting x

    1. Oh, I don’t collect the vouchers, that’s way too long-winded! Do it all online! Thanks, I’m determined to do that! x

  16. Great word! Jealous of the holiday, we have our wedding next ear so not sure if we will get a holiday this year. Glad you found a new group that little an likes, it’s always nice to find new places to go x

    1. Thanks! It’s just a few days, but should be nice. Yes, it was a fun group, and he seemed happy enough there x

  17. Sounds like a really fab week, with all those flurries of excitement! We booked an Easter break last week too – it’s definitely good to have some warm sunshine to look forward to… I have to admit I’m hoping we might get to see some snow before then though! It’s highly unlikely down here in Devon, but I reckon Arthur would love it 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks, and lovely that you have a break to look forward to, too. Oh, I’m really hoping there’s no more snow, but we’ve plenty forecast here! x

  18. Great that you booked a bargain break. I keep meaning to book a short break with the Sun but always forget! I am hoping for a bit of snow this week, hopefully more than a flurry, but I will soon get fed up and pray for it to melt!

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