Word of the Week 16/9/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Yes, there has been work to do, yes, chores have been completed and yes, there have been the mundane moments. But overall, fun sums it up.

The week kicked off with a play date with my lovely friend Emma and her son, which was fun all round as Emma and I caught up with each other and the boys played so nicely together. They are such good friends, it’s lovely to listen in on them playing! Emma also mentioned to me that they are going to be having a fun day out each week together, really making the most of the last year before her son starts school. Inspired, Little Man and I will be doing the same here, so I spent a little time adding some fun ideas to my bullet journal and I’ve loads now!

The weekend was then a lot of fun as the Husband and I were in London with my brother and his wife. We did a little sightseeing, relaxed in a few bars, ate in lovely restaurants, stayed in a great hotel and loved seeing Billy Joel at Wembley. It was brilliant, though I needed a rest when I came home!

Little Man returned to nursery this week, and though there were a few tears as he went in, he was happy when I collected him and he told me he had had fun. Phew.

And Little Man and I made a start on our fun list with a picnic in the park, a visit to the playground and feeding the ducks and then a day out at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens. We’ve more day trips planned for next week, so the fun is set to continue.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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38 thoughts on “Word of the Week 16/9/16”

  1. Ahh! Fun is a great word….It sounds like you had a great weekend….Billy Joel is a legend.
    Well done to your Little Man for returning back to nursery….It sounds like you have been having a fantastic time with him. x

  2. I’m glad you’ve had a fun week and hope you have more fun to come. I’ve not been to the Botanical Gardens for years, I’m thinking of maybe going with my partner, without the kids, we might get to see a bit more 🙂

  3. That’s a wonderful idea having a fun day out just for the two of you, I think I might start something similar but let the children take it in turns so I can spend some quality time with each of them one on one. I don’t really like concerts but Billy Joel is on my ‘must see live’ list sounds like you had lots of fun. #WotW

    1. That’s a good idea, it is great to have one on one time. It’s the second time I’ve seen him live and he is utterly brilliant.

  4. I like the idea of a fun day out as my daughter will be starting school next sept (she’s an aug babe so will be a dot). Will be fun with a baby in tow though!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend away kid free! Sounded busy so I bet you were tired!! Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting xx

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  6. Ah yes, definitely good to soak up those fun days while you’ve got the chance! Great to catch up with your friend too. I’ve sneaky feeling that may be brummymummyof2 ?! I saw an IG of your 4 over the summer I think! Thanks for hosting #wotw

  7. Ah sounds great week, a list is a fab idea because if you are anything like me when I need to think of somewhere great to go i cant remember or think of something so a list would work for me. Have a great week xx

  8. A fun day out each week sounds like a lovely plan. It really is nice to make the most of the last year before starting school, quality time. Glad you had a nice weekend. It does sounds like a fun week. x

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