Word of the Week 17/2/17

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s taken me a while to settle on my word for this week as it hasn’t been a typical week, so ‘different’ sprang to mind, but it didn’t quite encapsulate it for me, until ‘grateful’ popped into my head, and yes, that works better.

Last Friday, just a couple of hours in to working, I had a call from Little Man’s nursery telling me he was not himself and running a temperature, so of course I went off to get him. All work was then out of the window, but you know instead of stressing (which I might do sometimes!) I just felt grateful that I was able to do that and bring him home for an afternoon of cuddles. I was then grateful that my mum could pop round and watch him whilst I nipped out to collect Boo from school.

Over the weekend I was grateful that it didn’t develop into the sickness that I know is going around and his temperature was fine again by Saturday morning. He was not quite himself and off his food all the way until Tuesday morning, so I kept him off nursery on Tuesday, too. This meant a lost day of studying, but he was fabulous and watched a movie and happily played allowing me to get it done. I was grateful! We then popped to the school book fair when we collected Boo and I might have bought a few more books than I’d planned. I’m grateful that the Husband understands I have no self-control where books are concerned, as he just sighed when he came home and saw the pile!

As Little Man was brighter then, on Wednesday we decided to have a day out, going to the cinema to see Lego Batman and then to McDonald’s for lunch – they have Batman Happy Meals! I loved having this quality time with him, I do appreciate it, and I am trying to make the most of it before he starts school in a few months time.

Wednesday also saw us going along to Boo’s parents evening. She’s doing well, she’s kind, friendly and helpful, I can ask no more of her. Can I simply be grateful that she’s my daughter?

And all week I’ve been looking forward to today as the Husband and I are off for a couple of nights away, with my brother and his wife, to Cardiff. We are excited and so grateful that my mum will be collecting the kids from school and nursery today and then moving in here for the weekend. The kids can’t wait and need I say I’m grateful that my boy’s now well again so we can go?!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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27 thoughts on “Word of the Week 17/2/17”

  1. So glad little man is better…the grem has just moaned about a tummy ache but not sure if because it’s a nursery day! Having the time together must have been a treat too. Bet you were very proud of Boo! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting x

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  3. Changing your perspective and concentrating on being grateful really helps doesn’t it. I’m glad your little man is feeling better, there are so many bugs doing the rounds I will be glad to see the back of February. Well done to Boo for her glowing report at parents evening. Have a great weekend I have to say I’m very jealous, what I wouldn’t give for a little short break.

  4. Glad your Little Man is feeling better 🙂 there are a lot of weird and wonderful things doing the rounds at the moment. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  5. I love weeks when you can look back, spot so many moments to be grateful for and really appreciate them for what they are. I’m glad Little Man is feeling better.Having your mother close by, must be an absolute blessing.Dragging sick little ones out is not fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. There’s a lot to be grateful there, for sure.
    Poor little man, there are so many bugs going around school it’s difficult to avoid them all. So glad it didn’t develop into something more. You’re also very lucky to have the flexibility to be at home for the children when they’re poorly.
    Enjoy your weekend away – now that really does sound wonderful!

  7. Have a lovely weekend, and grateful is a great word – glad LM is better. He really seems to have come on and grown up recently looking at the pictures and reading about him, which is lovely to see. Thanks for hosting x

  8. There are some nasty bugs going round our neck of the woods at the mo. I was grateful when our girl got over hers pretty much in 24 hours… I love a week full of gratitude Jocelyn! Thanks for hosting #wotw

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