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My word of the week this week is:

This week has been dominated by Boo being poorly.

She was ill when she came home last Tuesday night and she’s been poorly since then. We went to the doctors on Wednesday afternoon and he gave her some antibiotics that then led to her being sick early Thursday morning all through until lunchtime. That and whatever virus it was that she’s been fighting off have meant she’s not eaten much, slept much or moved much (so unlike my eldest) over the past week and her temperature has remained high throughout. We went to the doctors again on Tuesday where he noticed a high heartbeat so she had an ECG there and we then took her to the hospital Wednesday for blood tests. We should get those results soon, and in the meantime, I am keeping a close eye on her to make sure she’s eating and resting plenty. Her temperature has at last come down so she was back to school yesterday, so very happy to see her friends and teacher.

On the up side, being at home so much (pretty much housebound, in fact!) with a girl who just wants to lie down and watch films or nap means I have got a fair bit of studying done. I was so pleased I managed to submit my assignment early last week, just before Boo was off, as it’s taken the pressure off and I have enjoyed getting on with the next block. I have also made my module selections and registered for them, so I’m all set for my final year now.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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23 thoughts on “Word of the Week 17/3/17”

  1. Poor Boo, so sorry to hear that she has been poorly. Needing to have an ECG and blood tests must have been quite worrying for you a I hope all the results come back ok and that Boo feels better soon. Getting plenty of studying done is at least one plus point though – good luck with your assignment. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  2. Poor Boo, I’ve seen your updates on instagram. It’s just awful when they’re poorly isn’t it. Like you say, when they’re the polar opposite of their normal self because you certainly don’t rest mentally either. Thanks for hosting #wotw

  3. Oh poor Boo, I’m glad she’s feeling better now, I hope it was all just some nasty virus and doesn’t affect her anymore. It does sound awful and it really ties you down when you have a poorly child, but like you say, at least you have managed to get some studying done. Good luck with the rest of your course and I hope Boo has a much better week next week. xx

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  5. Oh what a poorly Boo. And that’s a long time to be poorly. Glad to hear she’s on the mend and fingers crossed the hospital results are all positive when you get them back. But just having to go thru and ECG & alone tests must’ve been quite unnerving. So glad she’s back on her feet and hope she has a much better week.
    Organised as ever with your studies! Sounds like you’re really enjoying it.

  6. Aw bless her what a week, I cant take antibiotics at all that make me so ill, it literally is not worth taking them as I end up so much worse off. I hope all the results come back ok and she is better soon x

    1. Sounds like my girl’s like you on that front then. She’s eating very well today so I think she’s on the up! x

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