Word of the Week 18/11/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Over the weekend we took the kids to London and I was proud of the way that they both behaved on the train journeys, tubes and walking around the city. We were there to visit Kidzania, an amazing place for children to spend time. I wasn’t too sure how my Little Man would be in there as the children go into each room and activity without parents and he’s not always the most confident in these situations. But he did go off happily with his big sister, who took care to look after him all afternoon. It was lovely seeing them both there so happy and fully immersed in everything they were doing, following all instructions and being considerate of the other kids involved.

This week has been Little Man’s first pre-school parents evening and it was a real pleasure to hear how well he’s getting on there. As regular readers will know, he didn’t have a smooth start as he was very reluctant to go each day, but it seems that he is slowly gaining in confidence there now. What made me proud was hearing how friendly and thoughtful he is with the other children and how is very good at listening and then contributing usefully to group activities.

The day after parents evening, Boo came home clutching a gold award certificate. One child from each class in the school receives one of these each week, and this time it was Boo’s privilege to do so. I’d obviously be proud of her no matter what she got this for, but the fact that it was for her enthusiasm during topic lessons made it even better. The topic? The Great Fire of London, yes, my girl’s loving her history!

Boo then wrote her Santa letter, and that was another proud moment for me…

Love her!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 18/11/16”

  1. Snap Jocelyn my word is also proud for this week ! As parents we certainly have lots to be proud of every day don’t we. Kidzania looks like an awesome day out for the family, well done to your little man on his confidence and that letter to Santa by Boo well there aren’t enough words for how sweet it is. #WotW

  2. What a lovely word for your week and so many reasons to be proud of your children. I love that letter to Santa and well done to Boo for getting a gold star award. So glad to hear the Little Man is getting on so well at preschool and enjoyed himself at Kidzania with his big sister looking after him! Thanks for hosting #WotW

  3. I can see why proud is your Word of the week as they’ve definitely been brilliant. Kidzania looks just brilliant. We had parents evening too and Charlie’s doing so well. It’s lovely to hear isn’t it?

  4. What lovely moments to treasure up and, quite rightly, you should be proud. Lovely letter and a great way to earn her gold star. Must be a relief to hear how well Little Man is settling in. We had a parents evening this week too and it is no less good to have positive feedback when they reach the age of 14 too. Proud is a good word. #wotw

  5. aww that letter is so sweet. It is lovely when your kids make you feel proud and it seems like your two have done very well this week. I hope Santa gets the letter and provide their gifts x

  6. Awww her letter is so kind and friendly! It’s such a lovely feeling when you are proud of them and they love being told! Hope the London trip was fun and thanks for hosting xx

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  8. What a wonderful word of the week. And what a great memory for your children. Not only today, but years from now when they read this post for themselves. I imagine ‘proud’ will be the word that comes to mind for them as well. #wotw

  9. How lovely and well done to Little Man and Boo. There really nothing quite like feeling proud. As you say, we feel proud every day but these moments are amazing! thanks for hosting #wotw

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