Word of the Week – 18/7/14

Thank you so much for continuing to share and to link up, and thanks for all of the well wishes last week. The kids are both healing well, though Little Man’s still very cautious about his foot, liking to have a dressing on it daily (I doubt he needs it now, but he wants it!). He’s had 2 more accidents since then, but he’s OK!

If you’re new here, Word of the Week is a nice and simple weekly linky, with everyone welcome to pop by and share. You reflect back on the past week and sum it up in one word. Then share your word with us in a blog post, with as little or as much explanation as you like. Come join in! All that I ask is that if you link up, you link back to me, and visit as many of the other blogs as you can and comment on their words.

My word of the week this week is:


I’ve seen dawn every single day for the last week, and on some lucky occasions, it’s been even earlier that the kids have risen. Our long weekend was lovely, though I think the latest ‘lie in’ we had was until 6.10am, and our earliest start was 4.30am, though Boo did at least just crawl into our bed at that time, and not run about, though her wriggling and bored sighs ensured we didn’t get back to sleep. Since then, it’s been largely Little Man awake at the crack of dawn, though of course, this rouses Boo. Needless to say, I’m feeling a tad tired, especially with the post-break catch up with everything, but at least it’s been sunny to brighten my mood and thudding headache!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best? Please grab the badge, link up and share.

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29 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 18/7/14”

  1. ‘Dawn’ could have most definitely been my word too, it’s been one of those weeks of early starts, even earlier starts and late nights with work and writing commitments. Thank you for inviting me to link up. I look forward to popping back and reading other ‘word of the week’ posts x

  2. Oh gosh 4:30 🙁 we went through a couple months where that was Arthur’s get up time and it’s just horrible so I feel your pain!!! I hope at least you got to see some lovely sunrises? So excited to be joining in with word of the week for the first time, a lovely way to sum up the week!

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  4. That could have been my word last week – Sophie’s earliest start was 3.30am! As you say, at least it has been sunny but too much dawn is not a good thing! Hope you manage to catch up on a bit more sleep over the weekend x

  5. Oh no the dreaded crack of dawn wake up call! We get those often but if we put them in bed with us they tend to snuggle back up. Please to hear that both the children are ok now after last weeks accidents. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  6. Oh, that’s tough! Those early starts get to you after a while… I’m the opposite at the moment, not managed to get to bed before midnight for the last week, thankfully kids are sleeping till 7!

  7. I think it must be something in the air. My twins had us up at 5.15 am the other day! I hope you manage to catch up on some of your lost sleep soon. It is so draining isn’t it?

  8. Did you get to see any nice sunrises? I don’t waking up so much on holiday because the day holds promise but workdays this early is too much. You have my sympathy. Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting. Emma

  9. Woah, that is super early. Have you seen the sun rise though, I have a friend who has been up at that time too and her sunrise pictures have been stunning. Silver lining and all that, hope you get a lie in over the weekend.

  10. uh oh i cant STAND really early starts, i get so grumpy! hope youve managed to catch up on some sleep and i hope the kids let you lie in soon 🙂 #WordoftheWeek

  11. Oh no, if my lot got up that early I would be in tears. Hats of to you. You can also guarantee that the day that they have to actually get up early they will sleep in!

  12. I really feel for you! My wife seems to wake up around 4 every day and disturbs me before going back to sleep while I lie awake, seething! Wouldn’t mind so much if it was the children!!

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