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Thank you, oh thank you. As the year draws to a close, it also means that Word of the Week is now in it’s 51st week – wow! I’ve so loved hosting this linky and I look forward to reading about everyone’s week each Friday. In the interests of completeness, I will be posting a Word of the Week on Boxing Day. I cannot miss doing it on the last Friday of 2014, it would feel incomplete to me! The linky will also be open so you’re welcome to pop by and share if you’d like to, too, but it’s unlikely I’ll get round everyone to comment and tweet, as I will no doubt be very busy building and playing with toys! And yes, in case there was any doubt, Word of the Week will continue into 2015, and it’d be lovely if you’d continue to spread the word so we can grow our little #WotW community!

If you’re new here, Word of the Week is a nice and simple weekly linky, with everyone welcome to pop by and share. You reflect back on the past week and sum it up in one word. Then share your word with us in a blog post, with as little or as much explanation as you like. I comment on and tweet out every post, as long as you add my #WotW badge or a link back to here. It’s a fun and friendly linky, so please do be lovely and visit as many of the other blogs as you can and share with them your thoughts on their words and weeks.

My word of the week this week is:



Ah yes, the relief! We’ve had several things going on here over the past week, and the overriding feeling I’m left with is one of relief.

We’ve all been ill. Fluey type symptoms, aching, coughs, not eating, temperatures, which hasn’t been great. But, we’re over it now. So I am hoping, hoping, that this means we will be well for Christmas, so am relieved we’ve got that out of the way (I do hope I’m right on this one!). This led to Boo having her first time off school sick, which unfortunately coincided with a trip to the panto that she had to miss. But, she was well enough to go back in for her nativity play. We were all relieved about that as she’d been so looking forward to it, but I’d say no-one was more relieved than her teacher when she saw her arrive back on Wednesday morning! She was so pleased to see Boo, as she did have the main part in the performance and she really wasn’t fancying having to do it herself! And on that subject, I was relieved that all went smoothly, and my girl was a little superstar (look out for more about that in a couple of days time).

Our Harry’s been ill, too. Bassets are predisposed to back problems as they age, and he’s been suffering with his on and off for a year or so now. But never more so than he has been this week. He’s been to the vets twice, and we’re trying him on various medications. As he’s the worst we’ve seen him this week, as he left with the Husband to go to his vet’s appointment mid-week, I was preparing myself for bad news and the possibility of having to say goodbye to our ever-faithful hound. I could have cried when he came trotting back through the door half an hour later. He has different drugs to try, and the vet reassures us that he’s confident that he is in no pain, which was what was really worrying me. ‘Relief’ seems a little inadequate for my feelings on this one, but relieved I am.

Today is the last day of my girl’s first school term. We made it! I’m relieved that it’s out of the way, that I know how great school is for her and that we now have a couple of weeks holiday to enjoy being together.

And the obvious relief? We are all set and ready for next week! Everything’s bought, wrapped, many gifts have been distributed, and we have plenty of snacks and Christmas DVDs at the ready for the next few days!

Which does lead me on nicely to say that I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and thank you again for popping by and sharing with me each week.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best? Please grab the badge, link up and share.

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40 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 19/12/14”

  1. Hi Jocelyn!

    Since I was so late in linking up last week I jumped right on it when I received your email. lol

    So sorry to hear all of you have been ill this week but am glad Boo is feeling more like herself and is back at school. And your poor Harry… I hope he gets to be feeling better soon and that the new medication gives him some relief.

    It is amazing how fast the first term of school goes by for our little one’s isn’t it? It is a huge milestone for Mum and for Boo indeed. I’m sure you are looking forward to the time off of school you will have to spend with her.

    Despite starting late preparing for Christmas I must say that I am just about ready for our celebrations. I wish I was more like you and so prepared this early. Hahaha Something about this time of year brings out the procrastinator in me.

    Wishing you and your family a magical and memorable Christmas!

    1. Go, you!

      Harry’s looking brighter today, thanks. Still slow, but I think I’m seeing an improvement. Hope so. I’m so looking forward to all being home together for a couple of weeks, though it has absolutely flown by!

      Hope you all have a wonderful time, too, and thanks so much xx

  2. That sounds like quite a week – relief is definitely a good word to sum it up! Sorry to hear that Boo missed the pants through being poorly but glad she was back for her nativity and very glad that Harry returned from the vets with some new drugs to try – hope he is better soon.

    Am very impressed with how organised you are with Christmas – I still have so much to do! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and thank you as always for hosting #WotW x

    1. Ah yes, the relief! Thank you, I think Harry is on the up. Hope you get all sorted in time then! Have a wonderful time xx

  3. Sorry you’ve all been poorly, but glad everyone seems on the mend a bit now! H has impetigo now so we’re a tad fed up of all the sickness round these parts! Thanks for hosting this lovely linky, I’ve only been joining in for last part of this year but love it. I look forward to more in 2015. Have an amazing christmas xx

    1. There’s just sickness everywhere, isn’t there? Hope H is well soon. So lovely to have you joining in, it’s been an absolute pleasure 🙂 Have a fab time yourselves xx

  4. So glad the illnesses have subsided in time for most of the Christmas fun, looking forward to hearing about Boo’s nativity but sorry to hear your pooch has been suffering too. Yay! That wotw is continuing – it’s a great Linky and happy Christmas to you and yours xx

    1. Oh, what a nativity it was! More on that soon! Oh yes, WotW will continue, I couldn’t imagine not doing it, I love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours, too xx

    1. Oh, I hope so, I hope so! There are more kids off school with bugs today, so I remain nervous! The nativity was fab, pop back to read more on Monday 😉 And will do, thank you x

  5. I’m pleased to hear you are all better now. Wow you are so organised for next week, I still haven’t written our Christmas cards but we are half way through wrapping the presents. However I am organised with all the food 🙂 have a lovely Christmas and new year xx

    1. I wrote my cards at the end of November, that’s always one of my first jobs as I like choosing the cards and pens! Wrapping, however, I hate, but fortunately finished last weekend. We’re out on Christmas Day so don’t need to do food, though I knew you’d be ready there! Thanks, you, too x

  6. So good to know that everyone has gotten over their sickness! Little T missed school yesterday and was also poorly. But she’s so much better now, managed to go to the last day of school. Yay! I can so relate with your relief too 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family from mine 🙂 #wotw.

  7. Snap 🙂 I’m so glad you’re all feeling better, and I hope the new drugs work for Harry. It’s sounds like you’ve had a great week, but it must be nice knowing that you’re going to have a break now 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas, I may join you next week for completeness too, I’d hate to have just done 51 weeks! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  8. What a week for you and your family! I’ve been full of cold this week but I’m thinking it’s better to get it now instead of over Christmas….I’m so glad everyone is feeling better now!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!! x

  9. Glad you are all feeling better now, sounds as though you are so on top of things you will have time to relax a bit over christmas!

    Have a wonderful christmas, thank you for hosting such a great linky xx

  10. Uh ohhhh the dreaded lurgy strikes… Our little bear was a week ahead of Boo but I couldn’t completely relax until the last day of term. I really didn’t like her having the 2 days off sick and she was chomping at the bit to get back!

  11. Having everything ready for next week must be a huge relief! I wanted to say how much I like #WotW and how much I have valued this weekly therapy. I am not sure I would have assessed things in this way if not for this linky. Have a lovely Christmas xxx #WotW

    1. Oh, that is so lovely to hear, Leigh. I love the linky, of course, so it is wonderful to hear that it has supported you in some small way, too xx

  12. Gosh, what a relief that you’re all better and not ill for Xmas. And also a relief to have Harry around for Christmas too. I think getting to the end of term in one piece, without too many coughs, colds and with happy children is a relief in itself!
    Thank you so very much for the linky, I’ve enjoyed discovering it this year & reading your blog
    Happy holidays!

  13. Havent been here for ages life has run away with me but loved reading your post and will be back on this linky in the new year it is one of my faves. happy Christmas!

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