Word of the Week 19/8/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Yes, my word of the week is ‘words’. It was very nearly ‘books’ but ‘words’ seemed to encompass that little bit more of our week, as you will see…

Last Friday saw us take a trip to our local library. I shared over on my YouTube channel all of the books we picked up there, and it’s meant a week of reading for all of us. I’m likely to finish my fourth book of the week this evening, so I have been buried in words quite a bit this week. It’s also been good to see my daughter frequently settling down with her books throughout the week. We’ve had quite a laid-back week so the kids have been able to get up to anything they like around the house, and for my girl that often means reading and writing. She currently has 5 books on the go, which I think beats my record for books all being read at the same time!

Boo loves her games, too, and this week she and I have played Bananagrams, she’s read quizzes to us, and both kids have enjoyed mark making in a tuff spot full of multi coloured sand, writing their names. All wordy activities.

We’ve also shared a great bundle of books on the blog this week (they’re up for grabs, too), as well as being fortunate to receive another lovely parcel full of books that will feature soon and we’ve another winging its way to us.

I have also been writing, in the form of letters. I do love a bit of snail mail so it’s been a pleasure to receive some and I’ve settled down to send some, too. I’ve a blog post coming up next week around the subject, so as well as words featuring in my letters, they’re also featuring in writing about my letters!

And finally, my Little Man has been working on his letters and words this week. We enjoy using our Reading Eggs here, which I have blogged about before and will update you on again soon, and Little Man has been spending time on that this week, as he starts to understand how words are formed.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/8/16”

  1. Sounds like my dream week, full of books & writing, I really must sit down this weekend and write some overdue pen pal letters. I saw your video about the library books great idea saves adding to your bulging bookcase. #WotW

  2. How lovely that you have so much to read 🙂 My eldest daughter went out shopping yesterday and came back with a new book for me by my favourite author. It was a complete surprise.

  3. That’s a lovely word 🙂 T loves Chris Riddel books and since it’s almost her birthday her Uncle sent her two of his books. So she’s finally collected all of them now. It’s great that our kids inherited our love for words, isn’t it? 🙂 #wotw

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  5. Wow I’m so impressed! Such a lovely week of reading! 4 books must be a record 🙂 it’s really inspiring me as I hardly ever read. Always say I will at night but neve happens. I need to more so to influence my little one 🙂 thanks for hosting xx

    1. Ah, I do love to read! Yes, I’d say it definitely helps to influence as my girl notices me reading and she’s a little bookworm 🙂 x

  6. Oh wow! It really has been about words for you this week…
    My girls seem to have stopped reading and writing during the holidays. Eek! I must get them started again or they’ll be going back to school and really suffering.

  7. Sounds like a fab week, I adore books and reading although it takes me ages to read a book. And its great that boo and little man have that same love for books. Joe is just like me a real bookworm but Jack not as much he is must more techy! x

  8. It’s great that both of your little ones have been enjoying Words this week. It’s easy to drop words & reading during the summer holidays, isn’t it?! I find it difficult to read two books at any one time, so I think it’s amazingly dexterous for Boo to be reading 5 books at any one time.
    Have a lovely week

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