Word of the Week 2/2/18

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My word of the week this week is:

I have been writing an Open University assignment this week. It’s an important one as it carries quite a large percentage of my assessed work for this module, so I have put a lot into it. I have researched, written, thought, then researched, written and thought about it all over again several times! I have enjoyed the subject, so it’s been something of a labour of love and has pretty much taken over this week.

Requiring a lot less thought, the kids have brought home a fair few letters this week requiring forms to be completed, so I have been scribbling away on those and returning them. These things always seem to all come in one go, don’t they?!

There has then been the letter writing. I’ve written letters to some of my pen pals, I shared a video this week all about my writing sets, and I have started matching everyone up that joined in with my pen pal sign up last month. It has been the busiest one I’ve run so it’s taking time to organise, but I’m getting there! I love thinking about all of those people now writing to each other and forming new friendships.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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21 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/2/18”

  1. Another busy week you’ve had – I don’t know how you do it all! Well, I would imagine it’s a case of when you love something & are passionate about it you make the time for it. A wonderful, maybe restful, weekend to you & the family!

    1. I like to be busy! I think you’re right, you fit it in if you’re passionate about it. I would quite like a restful weekend, though, thanks! x

  2. You always sound so passionate when you talk about your course, I bet all those hours of researching and writing will be worth it when you get your degree. I haven’t written to my pen pals in such a long time, I really must put some time aside to do it. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. I do hope so, I hope I do actually graduate! I like to have a pen pal session every now and then, it’s fun to get my stationery out x

  3. Sounds like a busy week but at least it is something that you enjoy.
    I know the feeling about the never ending letters,,every day it is something. Thank goodness for the weekend, have a good one X #wotw

  4. I have had a few forms from the school to fill in myself. I like writing, but not form filling! I’m glad your penpal club is going well 🙂
    Thanks for hosting x

  5. The forms all seem to come at once from school. In my case, both school. I imagine checklists being ticked off as the teachers meet their targets, at the start of term. Your writing assignment sounds good. One to enjoy. Have a good weekend.

  6. Lots of writing for you this week. Love the sound of the pen pal match-up – what a lovely idea. Good luck with your assignment – it sounds like you’ve enjoyed writing it and hopefully all your hard work on it will pay off. Thanks for hosting #WotW and hope you have a lovely weekend x

  7. A busy week. I am sure you will do well you put so much into your studying, and school brings so much paperwork doesn’t it? So it must be lovely to follow all that up with happy mail xx

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  9. Writing certainly seems like an apt word. You have some lovely pieces. I hadn’t thought of Garden Ctrs as places to pick up stationery before. thanks for hosting #WotW

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