Word of the Week 2/3/18

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My word of the week this week is:

Oh my, this week has been costly!

It started last Friday when I paid in full our Disney World holiday balance – I’d left it until the last possible moment to do so, I could delay no longer! So yes we were then several thousands of pounds worse off, but as it was for something that we’re all looking forward to so much, I could cope with it. Just about.

Then my car had gone in that day for its MOT. My dad has a garage so he very kindly picks it up and brings it back to me, there is minimal effort on my part where the car is concerned! But then when I saw his number coming up on my phone on Friday morning, I knew it couldn’t be a good sign. Nope, we needed two new tyres and rear brake pads. More costs, though totally unavoidable.

The weekend saw us all off to our opticians’ appointments, as I mentioned last week. Boo needs new glasses as her eyes have worsened, which delighted her. Little Man will also be getting his first pair, and to say he’s excited is an understatement. My kids are odd! I’m unconvinced he really needs them as it’s so slight, but once he heard the optician suggest that if he wanted some he could try some, there really was no stopping him. Boo’s gone for a Star Wars design, Little Man has Minions, and they’ll collect them next week. Fortunately, our wonderful NHS does cover these costs, but then there was my eye test. I am severely short sighted, hence my lack of enthusiasm for the kids needing glasses, it really is no treat and I can only hope they don’t get as bad as me. However, to my absolute surprise and delight, my eyes have actually improved. Improved! This is unprecedented. I go along every year and there is always a decline to some degree, has been since I was about 14 years old. But now they have got better, being 40 is ace! I wonder whether I’ll have perfect vision by the time I die???! OK I’m not sure it works like that, but it was good news to me in any case, though it does of course mean I need new glasses. And mine are costly. Even factoring in the buy one get one free offer and the vouchers I receive towards them (yes, they’re that bad I even get a discount), I still left the opticians a few hundred pounds worse off.

Then there have been the little extras that seem to crop up from time to time but have all come this week. Little Man came home with a letter about a school trip that we need to pay for, the next day they both came home with school photos they wanted to order and then they both had their swimming assessment week so we need to pay for their next badges and certificates. Not loads on their own, but they have mounted up this week!

I’m now hoping that there’s no more costly weeks anytime soon. Fervently hoping!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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23 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/3/18”

  1. It definitely sounds like it has been a costly week – I bet you’re glad to see the end of it in that sense. Haha! The cost of things sneak up so easily, and quickly, especially with kids things like school & extra activities. I’m sure paying off Disney World was a great feeling though – one step closer!

    A wonderful weekend to you & your family.

    1. They do sneak up, and I’ve had yet another one! It was nice to get Disney paid off, we are nearly there now! x

  2. Aww that sounds like a lot of spending this week! But I agree that the Disney expense is okay as its for something grand and amazing! Hopefully no more surprise spending =)

  3. I’m not surprised costly is your word of the week! That’s a lot of extra expenses coming all at once. Good news about your eyes improving though – I wonder if mine will do the same at some point as I’m also very short sighted. It’s funny how excited kids are about needing glasses – Jessica is the same and Sophie is often disappointed that she doesn’t need them. I think it helps though that there’s a much better range available for kids’ glasses now than there were when we were children – all of mine were very boring! Hope that next week will be a much less costly one! x

    1. They may well do, I was so surprised as they always get worse! Yes, the kids glasses range is great now, lots of choices to get excited about x

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  5. Definitely a costly week for you. It has to be a good feeling having your holiday paid for though. I had an unexpected bill this week when it was discovered that my hubby had gone TEN times over his mobile data limit!! He’s now turned it off until he gets his new amount in 2weeks. He let’s the kids use his phone in the car and often uses it as a sat nav… Which annoys me because we have a perfectly good Tom Tom. Thanks for hosting #WotW xx

  6. Disney will be worth the cost I guarantee you ! sorry to hear about the MOT, we are usually in the same position each year. Daisy was exactly the same when we found out she needed glasses, really excited and planning which style glasses she wanted. It’s such a coincidence I went for my eye test last week at age 40 to find out my eye sight has improved and I don’t need my glasses for reading any more !
    I hope next week is a lot less costly for you x

  7. It all arrives at the same time. Maybe that’s better in some ways. All the pain at once. Your eyes improving sounds like good news. Hope it carries on. Children’s glasses sound like they are much more fun these days. Star Wars? What a neat idea.

    1. It always does. Maybe you’re right, get it all over with. Oh yes, they love choosing glasses, lots of fun!

  8. Some weeks just haemorrhage money don’t they? But wooohooooo you have paid for Disney I would be sooooooo excited. I so need to book an eye test I know I need a stronger prescription for reading. And grrr cars cost a fortune x

  9. It certainly sounds like everything has added up to a fortune. I do hope you all enjoy Disney and there’s no more surprises. Thanks for hodsting #WotW

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