Word of the Week 20/1/2017

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My word of the week this week is:


If you saw my blog post on Monday, Can Embracing Hygge Make You Happier? you’ll know what I’m on about! Yes, I have been embracing hygge here and it’s keeping me going during a busy week.

We were away over the weekend, we went up to Chester to the zoo and then to Cheshire Oaks, both days were lovely and it was good to get away together, but as often happens then, I returned feeling I had too much to do! I think the main issue was that I knew I had an Open University assignment that I needed to get submitted and it was there hanging over me whilst I had many bloggy and home things to do, too. I finally sent my assignment off on Wednesday afternoon, and the weight was lifted! I have had plenty of work to keep me busy and then there have been the little extras thrown in, such as Boo’s poetry recital which was absolutely beautiful but as it was on a Little Man nursery day it meant I lost an hour of work time to attend – I know, I know it sounds like nothing but I have felt it this week!

Anyhoo, all of this rambling brings me back to hygge. Hygge has kept me on an even keel, happy and relaxed when I needed to be this week. I have relished the cosiness and instead of disliking the dark days we’ve had, I have turned my twinkly lights and lamps on and lit my candles. I am also reading another book about Danish life, which I’ll share more about next week, so that has further immersed me in hygge as well as the fact that simply curling up with a good book is hygge-ish! So I am thanking hygge this week, possibly the first Danish word I’ve featured on Word of the Week?!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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37 thoughts on “Word of the Week 20/1/2017”

  1. Hygge is a fabulous word for the week. Having snuggly time indoors and enjoying the cosiness makes the winter so much more bearable! Sounds like it has been just what was needed in a busy week – glad to hear you managed to get your assignment submitted and how lovely to go to Boo’s poetry recital too. Hope you have a relaxing and cosy weekend. Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

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  3. I bought hubby a book on this for Christmas! Must dig it out for myself. I’ve felt a bit swamped this week as we have been so busy at weekends and the grem came home from nursery with a temperature so blogging and chores get lost. Glad you caught up and thanks for hosting xx

  4. Glad it has helped, if you haven’t read a year living Danishly, definitely recommend. Really fascinating to learn about the differences in culture and it incorporates hygge. I just love the fact that is is acceptable to eat danish buns X #wotw

  5. Its always the way when you have a job playing on your mind, I put things off but when they are done I feel so much better, I will never learn. I have bookmarked the Hygge post to read tonight I am intrigued. Have a fab week x

  6. I keep dabbling in the philosophy of Hygge and think some of td outcomes are fascinating. It sounds like the perfect way to endure this cold, grey weather!
    Thanks for hosting and have a great week xx

  7. It is a great and intriguing word which captures the imagination straightaway. Glad you have light in your life – makes all the difference and fond memories of Chester Zoo and Chester itself. I love how us women take on so much and then are surprised when it sometimes gets a little or lot too much,

  8. It’s funny how something like that can weigh on you, almost subconsciously, well done on getting it submitted. I put a request in for the book as a birthday gift, so I may well be hygge-ing with you soon!

  9. A poetry recital how lovely ! I can’t wait until Daisy is doing things like that at school. We have phonics work shops which I really enjoy attending. The danish way of living seems to be the way to a happier life indeed. I’m fully embracing Hygge !

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