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My word of the week this week is:


If you read my blog regularly, I’m sure this one will come as no surprise. It’s all about my Open University degree studies.

As I mentioned last week, I changed my mind about my next module selections, so I’ve been making changes there and that’s all now in hand, ready for me to study Empire 1492-1975 next year – to me it’s interesting, though I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea!

With that arranged, this week I’ve been hitting the revision hard. I am determined to get a good mark in my exam in a fortnight’s time, as I’ve been pleased with my assignment grades all year and will be annoyed with myself if I let all of that hard work go to waste. My assignments and exam both carry an equal 50% weighting and it is not an overall average score and grade that I receive, but simply whichever is lower. So I have a good assignment average now, but if I score poorly in the exam, my overall grade for the year is the lower exam grade. That will annoy me!

Which means that this week I’ve been living and breathing history. Saturday saw me at Birmingham university all day for an exam and revision workshop, which was really useful, and since then I’ve been hitting the books. And making big, colourful timelines and mind maps. And watching films and documentaries. And listening to YouTube clips about The Reformation and the emancipation of slavery, amongst other wide and varied topics, whilst cooking dinner. And then when I do try to switch off of an evening, I find I can’t get into my book (so frustrating, as you’ll know I am a reader!) so I find myself picking up my BBC History magazines for a browse. We’ve even started a new box set on NOW TV this week as a means to distract and entertain, and guess what? It’s The Borgias, very much an historical drama!

I have two more weeks and then I will be free for the summer and free from revision. So I’ll take this opportunity to apologise now for any radio silence here, the blog is on the back-burner for a brief time!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 20/5/16”

  1. It sounds like you are doing so well with the studies.
    We are loving history too with our home schooling.
    Keeping everything crossed that you get the results you need, although it sounds as if you already have it in the bag!
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting xx

  2. I think you’re right to choose the option that you find interesting. Thank goodness we all like different things. Good luck with the rest of the revision. You’re on the home run, for this year at least.

    1. I am, thanks, I just want the exam out of the way now so I can move onto the next module, and I must admit I like the idea of a bit of time off!

  3. You work so hard so I have zero doubt you will do amazing on your exams. You sound like into it which so helps with studying!! Good luck and thanks for hosting xx

  4. Good luck to you! You’ve really got stuck in with your revision and your dedication is admirable. I’m sure you will do brilliantly. I bet you’re longing for the break in two weeks time!

  5. Best of luck with your exams. I’m in awe of your commitment over the year, reading all about your progress on your blog, and that you still managed to enjoy family life and run your blog! With your organisation skills and planning skills I’m sure you’ll nail it!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Thanks, Tracey. It’s because I’ve put so much into it that I am determined to get a good pass, it’s for the family as well as me this time. Oh, to have had that motivation around my ‘A’levels 😉 x

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  7. Hi Jocelyn, you sound as if you are in the right frame f mind to do what you have to do to pass your exams with flying colours! As for studying Empire 1492-1975, I have no idea what that is about, I’ve never been a history buff.

    I hope you manage to get all the revising in you need and sail through the exams with ease.

    Thank you for hosting.


  8. Good luck with your exams. I remember doing my last OU exam in a village hall in freezing October in 2012. My fingers were numb after. I love the OU and wish I had the time and money to have kept carrying on. Maybe in the Future I will pick it all back up.


  9. Wow, it seems your fully getting involved with your subjects and its so lovely to read this side of your blog. Good luck, I think you’ll be fantastic and just remember to rest, drink plenty of water and keep your positive mind hat on 🙂 thanks for sharing, great word of the week #WotW

  10. Wow so amazing! When I am watching a series I tend to be so into it and my mind would go into characters and dissect them and tend to be so out of the reality loop. I can imagine this is you everyday seeing people wearing clothers from a certain moment in history time instead of the present! Again amazing!

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