Word of the Week 21/10/16

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My word of the week this week is:


It’s been a funny old week. You know those weeks where you wake up each morning and can’t quite place what day it is for a few moments? Yes, that’s been me every day this week. I think I’ve got too much in my head.

I’ve loved my studying this week , learning about the Aztecs and sending my first assignment in, and Little Man and I have thoroughly enjoyed our days together, managing to have a couple of play dates. The week’s been quite average in that respect, yet my brain’s been whirring more than normal and I need it to slow down! Which is where my Word of the Week comes in as it’s been one of those weeks where thoughts about the kids have kind of consumed me, as well as having a fair bit to do on the blog so that we can relax next week.

With my Little Man I am so aware that our one to one time is dwindling. I keep looking at him and wondering how he got so big. I’m trying to balance things that I need to do each day with just dropping everything and soaking our time up together. On one of our play dates this week his companion was a little girl who’ll turn 2 in a few days time and it was so lovely to see how protective and sweet he was with her, a side to him I’ve not seen before as we’re usually with older children. Our other play date was with a friend that he’s made at nursery and I’d not seen them together before and I loved how well they got on, hearing their giggles and how confident they were with one another. He just seems to be growing so much all of a sudden and I’m starting to glimpse the school boy that he will soon be.

With Boo, I have been worrying. She so rarely gives me any causes to worry, so I think this is probably why I’ve been so aware of it this week. She’s now 7 and at that stage where friendships can be tricky and she’s been dealing with a few things there. Nothing major, and often something that is simply better the next day, but it’s so hard navigating the minds of 6 and 7 year olds and keeping up with their fickle friendships! She’s also spent longer doing her homework than ever before – I know this sounds a weird thing to say, but Boo has always come home on a Friday night, sat down, completed her homework independently within ten minutes and then wandered off and done her own thing. This week and last, Maths was a little trickier and she was floundering, which meant I started worrying that she was struggling and trying to figure out whether she should be moved to a different group as I really want her to enjoy this subject – it’s kind of important and one she’ll be doing daily for about another ten years. So with these thoughts swirling, we went along to a well-timed parents evening on Wednesday. It was so reassuring and productive, and it turns out that she is actually very good at Maths, they’re just pushing her harder than she has been before. Clearly a good thing for her and a period of adjustment as she’s not had to try too hard before now. At least I can stop over-thinking it all now!

The kids break up for half term today and I cannot wait. We are ready for it, they’ve been a little more tired in the mornings lately so I am really looking forward to a week of catching up with friends and lots of lazy cuddles.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/10/16”

  1. Sometimes listening to T talk about the other kids in school, I wonder too, should I start worrying? It almost sounds a bit like high-school. But like you said, the next day, things are well again. Kids 😉 #wotw

  2. The new school curriculums are demanding. If only understanding the new jargon! I’ve been working through the year 5 ones and it seems more focused than it was for my eldest. I know our school is demanding/encouraging more from the pupils. It is good that they have picked up that Boo was cruising. Easy to get bored if not challenged. How lovely to see Little Man adapting his play to each child. Good skill to have. Enjoy your half term.

  3. I’m not surprised your mind has been whirling with all those worries, it’s always a worry once children start school isn’t it I often sit wondering if Daisy has eaten her lunch or if anyone has been mean to her so I know how you feel. It sounds like you have had fun at your play dates this week and it’s nice to hear that Boo is doing so well at school. I hope that next week is a little more relaxed for you and you can enjoy the half term. #WotW

  4. I really think the worries never end eh? You think it is hard when they are tiny. I hope Boo is ok and the friendship tiffs are nothing to bother her too much. It sounds like all the time you are having with your little man. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for hosting xx

  5. Lots of things to think about there. Ruminating is such a good word. I’m looking forward to half-term too! It’s a challenge sometimes trying to find that balance between what needs to be done and making the most of the time you have when they’re little, isn’t it? Glad to hear that Boo is doing so well and hope that she gets to grips with the more challenging Maths stuff soon as well. Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

    1. I do like the word and it summed up my week so well. It is a tricky balance, but I think just being aware of it is half the battle. Thanks x

  6. Every day on the playground I see the kind of friendship drama that would make the writers of soap operas jealous! They are nearly always resolved by the time the whistle goes or certainly by the next day 🙂 But us mum’s do worry, I’ve been worrying (needlessly) about my two this week.. it is definitely time for half term!

  7. Our children really can cause worry can’t they? Not that they mean to – which possibly makes it harder/ It’s also a concern when they apparently suddenly appear to ‘struggle’ but in fact aren’t at all. My head’s all in a whir too, now! Enjoy your time off together next week 🙂 And thanks for hosting #wotw

  8. I’m glad parents evening gave you that reassurance, it is horrible when you have doubts about things. It us lovely watching kids play. It always seems to get tiring at the end of the term. Hope you have a well earned rest and enjoy yourself over the half term X #wotw

  9. We have another week till half term grrr! Jocelyn it goes so quickly Jack is 16, I am so proud and happy but cant believe where the time has gone, it makes feel a bit weepy! And I agree about being 7 I noticed as soon as the boys hit 7 and until 10 friendships became competitive and children seem to develop jealousy, with the boys traveling well they have both been at the end of green eyes monsters at times, i struggle with it so much as I try so hard to teach the boys how wrong jealousy is, so how do you explain that emotion in other children, the good news is it will end, Jack friends are great and super supportive and Joe’s seem to be coming through it all now, have a fab week. x

  10. I hope you enjoy half term and some extra time with your little ones, and less worrying or ruminating! I’ve got nothing planned really for a change, just a few loose ideas but I’m ready for a relaxed week of ‘going with the flow’. Hope you manage that too. #WotW

  11. Oh I so know where you are coming from with regards to wondering what day of the week it is. Lets hope that we can both stop worrying and enjoy the next week with our families. As always thanks for hosting #WotW

  12. Oh reading your post sounds just like me 12 months ago! Time is flying by so quickly and I do think its hard when we see our “babies” doing things outside of the house without us. For me the transition between knowing what my Boy was doing every moment of the day because he was with me during the pre-school years and then his going to reception was massive! I think you’re doing the most to enjoy the days before school.
    As for the minds of 6 & 7 year olds, it’s so difficult to negotiate! When my daughter has moments with friends at school, I do worry but all I can do is listen, ask questions and offer her advice as to how to deal with her (and their) emotions. It’s hard isn’t it, but it’s all part of the growing up process. But it’s positive news on the maths front. It is an important subject and great that she’s good at it, and open for a challenge!
    Enjoy half term. Sounds like it’s come at the right time.

    1. The time is flying by, and yes, in no time at all my son will be at school! You’re right that with my girl it’s all part of growing up, I just need her to know that I’m always here to listen and help when I can x

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