Word of the Week 2/12/16

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My word of the week this week is:


We’ve had one of those weeks where we’ve tried new things and done a few things differently, which I always enjoy.

At the weekend, Little Man went to a birthday party and the big difference is that the husband went along with him – I have done every single birthday party since Boo started getting invitations a few years ago, so this was a change! I was taking Boo swimming as I always do on a Saturday morning, so Little Man went along to his party with daddy. We then tried something different for lunch – it was soooo good and will be on the blog soon! Then on the evening, as Little Man has been having a few problems sleeping, we changed his duvet and pillow to the opposite end of the bed, hoping that a little difference might make him settle better – he liked it, so far so good!

We then tried something completely different on Sunday as we were invited to visit Jump Nation. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I have to say we had a brilliant time there and the kids are already asking to go back. I was surprised by how much I liked it, let alone the rest of the family, as I tend to prefer relatively inactive hobbies! I was not surprised to see the Husband bouncing and flying all over the place, often onto his bum as he attempted ridiculous stunts, it’s totally his sort of thing! All of us thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s one of those activities I can see us doing again on a rainy day to burn off some energy and it’s something that we can all do together. There was plenty of giggling going on, definitely one to try if you’ve not had a go yourself.

Mid-week, Little Man and I took my mum out for the day as it was her birthday, so that was a very lovely ‘different’ day for us all. This week has then started to feel a little different as festivities are creeping in. Yesterday our elf returned to us for the Christmas countdown, bringing Advent calendars with him, Boo’s started to make Christmas decorations and hang them all over the place and there’s talk of getting the tree up this weekend. It’s been a fun, different week.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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33 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/12/16”

  1. I so want to go to Jump Nation. It looks fab. Maybe next year. I hope little man sleeps a bit better; I often flip sides if I can’t sleep and it does work!! Thanks for hosting x

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  3. Jump Nation is lots of fun isn’t it! We have one similar near us and in the summer we were all jumping – yes, me too! The kids loved seeing us try it. Glad you had a good time.
    Sometimes it is good to be different, try new things as there can then become the new norms!

  4. A change is as good as a rest or so they say, it feels good to do something different from the norm doesn’t it. Jump nation sounds like lots of fun not sure I would be brave enough though I would sit and watch ! #WotW

  5. Ah it sounds fab, we always shared parties because they really stress me out ha ha! Thats one part of kids growing up I don’t miss, all those parties. and the days you have 3 in a day grrrr ! Its great hoe changing little mans bed around worked. I have always found with ours when things are not working that changing something works too, its that change of the norm they love x

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