Word of the Week 21/4/17

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My word of the week this week is:

We were away over the long weekend, spending a few days down in Hampshire exploring new places and activities. We loved every minute of our break and I’ll share more about it here next week. The highlight for the kids was their first Go Ape adventure, a new experience for them and one that they absolutely adored!

Whilst there we did a little shopping and bought some new clothes and treats and the Husband and I also got round to ordering a new mattress for our bed in the bank holiday sales, something we’ve been meaning to do for ages. It arrives in a couple of weeks time and we’re hoping it’s nice and comfortable! On our return, the kids were delighted to find they had received some new Pinypon toys to review, and they’re proving to be a hit.

On Monday we then popped to our local shops as the kids had Easter money burning holes in their pockets that just had to be spent! I might have popped to the Paperchase and Thorntons sales, too, and Boo and I shared our new stationery and books over on YouTube this week.

Mid-week we visited my aunt as she had had a new baby rabbit last week that the children were very keen to meet. Oh, he’s so cute! Little Benjamin bunny is just 8 weeks old and basically a ball of adorable fluff. Boo didn’t want to leave him so we’ll definitely be going back to see him soon. On the same day we had another exciting delivery as the children received their My Holibob Bears which are so sweet and are getting lots of cuddles.

Then the big ‘new’ this week is the thought of Little Man starting school. Yes, I know it’s not a new concept to me as I have seen this one coming, but it was this week that we found out that he’s got a place at the same school as Boo, so new adventures are firmly on the horizon for him now.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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27 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/4/17”

  1. blank

    What a lovely week you’ve had. I remember seeing your IG post of the Easter Eggs in the Sale and I went straight online to see what they had in the sale, unfortunately they only had the small eggs (Reduced from £4 to £1.50.) I don’t know what I’d find cuter though, the new bunny or the new stationary, I guess the bunny would just tip my decision. xx
    Oh and congratulations on getting a place for The Little Man in the same school as Boo. That’s something I’ll not really have to worry about again, my two youngest are moving to their sister’s school as the two schools are being merged. That will mean no changing schools when they go into year 7!

    1. blank

      Oh yes, the online sale wasn’t as good as I checked there first and then resolved to go shopping! That’s a great thing not to have to worry about, it’ll make it a smoother transition for the children, too x

  2. blank

    So glad that Little Man got into the same school as Boo and that your children are enjoying their My Holibob Bears – my girls love theirs! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Hampshire and Go Ape sounds like fun too. Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting #WotW 🙂

    1. blank

      They love their bears, they are so sweet, aren’t they? We had a brilliant break, thank you, can’t believe the holidays are nearly over x

  3. blank

    Fab news on Little Man getting his school place. Such a relief. You do sound like you have been busy! I would love to try Go Ape. Looks really fun. Thanks for hosting x

    1. blank

      It is a relief, we can focus on having a fun last term together now before he goes off on his adventures. They adored Go Ape, I’d definitely recommend it x

  4. blank

    Go Ape is on my list. Has been for a while, so I should make it happen. Glad you had a good break. A new mattress is on my list. There again, for a while. What a lovely time of the year for cuddling baby bunnies. I’m not surprised Boo didn’t want to leave it. #wotw

    1. blank

      Yes, do make it happen, my two loved it. I am looking forward to the mattress, little things make me happy these days! Oh, she loves that rabbit! x

  5. blank

    What a lovely week you’ve had in Hampshire – getting away is a good break and to do something new. Go Ape is such a wonderful experience for the children, so glad they had fun and didn’t get frightened about being so high up in the trees! Did you have a go getting up in the trees?!
    Congrats on Little Man getting his first school place, and going to the same school as his sister – it must just take a weight off your mind.
    Thanks so much for hosting #WoTW – it’s one I always enjoy!

  6. blank

    Oh I am so pleased he got his first choice and hoorah for shopping trips, I do love a good shopping day. Joe has been exactly the same with his Easter Money he hates having money and has to spend it. It sounds like you need to get your own baby bunny too? x

    1. blank

      Ah, no! We have two guinea pigs that I do everything for, and both the husband and I are allergic to rabbits. She’ll just have to visit often! x

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  8. blank

    A lovely week had by all then 🙂 glad that Little Man got in the same school as his big sister 😀 It’s lovely when you see the older siblings taking care of the younger ones.

  9. blank

    I would love to get another rabbit, I miss my man. We couldn’t with the dog though and there are far more cunning predators than foxes in this country

  10. blank

    Ah, I spot a pet rabbit on the horizon, after all Benjamin needs a Peter and Lily Bobtail! Great that LIttle Man’s got his place; although often a given, it’s a relief too! Thanks for hosting #wotw

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