Word of the Week 21/7/17

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My word of the week this week is:

The countdown to the summer is on. The kids break up today, it’s Boo’s last day in KS1 and Little Man’s last day at nursery. I’m off to his leavers’ assembly this morning and he has been counting down to that as he’s excited for me to see it. Apparently Star Wars is involved!

With Little Man’s last day at nursery drawing in, I have also been counting down our last days of just the two of us having fun during the week. I wrote more about it yesterday, but suffice to say that the counting has stopped, those days have ended, so it’s now time to focus on his next big adventure.

As I am now happily going to the gym each week, I have started to pay more attention to the food that I eat in a bid to lose weight and feel healthier which has involved counting calories and paying attention to the nutritional content and macros. It’s funny how I have gone from obliviousness to being very aware of my daily protein intake! I’m enjoying the challenge so far, and for me, as long as I’m enjoying it all’s well so I’m making the most of it for now.

As always, I’m counting pennies, looking at ways to save a little bit more for our Disney break. I’m doing our food shopping at a discount, so now I’m investigating places to buy pet food and bedding at a discount, too, such as Zoo Bio – our guinea pigs are always treated!

I have been counting down the days to my Open University result, and it has finally come in and phew, I passed! The plan now is to enjoy the summer break and then get my head down again from September. Just one more year, I can do this!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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22 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/7/17”

  1. Congratulations on passing ! I’m sure you will smash that final year too. The time in nursery passes so quickly doesn’t it, I’m sure he will love his new adventure in school. I definitely need to follow you in the healthy living department, I’m challenging myself to get off the junk food and onto the fruit and veggies. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I remember feeling the end of pre-school era. I bet he is excited about the new adventure in front of him. Well done on your OU. One more year to go. Impressed with your gym commitment. My mind is turning to getting fit too. Hope you have a wonderful time at the assembly. May the force be with you.

    1. He’s not keen on the whole 5 days a week thing! Other than that, yes! Thanks, and yes, I am enjoying the gym, hope you find something you like x

  3. My daughter finished year 6 today and we’re counting down the days until high school. How did that happen so quickly? Time seems to move so fast but I’m positive Little Man will thrive in his new adventure.
    Well done on your Open Uni results, now you should take advantage of the summer and have a well earned break x

  4. I am pleased that you are looking forward to new adventures. It is amazing what you can see when you become conscious of something. Well done for sticking with the gym and good luck with your results of your course X #wotw

  5. Ahh! Enjoy the summer holidays….I was so glad when the bell rang and my girls were both in from school.
    Congrats about the open university result. Yes! You can do this! x

  6. Aw congratulations that is such great news you can relax for a while now, I love going to the gym i feel so much better after a workout and LOVE yoga. Hoorah for the holidays I think we are all well and truly ready for a rest x

    1. Thanks! I definitely feel better after going to the gym, I’ll try to squeeze some in around the kids this holiday! x

  7. A big well done on your Open University pass – so pleased for you. I can imagine those last few days of just Little Man and you must have been quite bittersweet. Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays so far and thank you for hosting #WotW

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