Word of the Week 22/4/16

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My word of the week this week is:


‘The process of shedding the old skin (in reptiles)’

Oh, OK, it’s clear I’m not a reptile, but I’m still using this word as I like it!

This week I feel like I am emerging from hibernation and preparing my body for the warmer weather. I am sloughing and shedding my old skin, figuratively, of course. I am getting back into my running, I’ve dug out some forgotten clothes and shoes for the brighter weather, booked myself a hair appointment for next week and my healthy eating plan kicked in a couple of days ago.

I’m also refreshing a few things here and there around the blog and social media. You may have spotted I’ve a new avi? I’ve also given my YouTube channel a spruce up and I’ve been having fun on Instagram. I’m toying with a new blog theme as I like to change the layout a bit each year, but I’ve not got quite enough time to play around with it at the moment. Maybe after my exam’s out the way I’ll try that.

Oh, and speaking of, I got my penultimate OU score back this week and it was the highest yet so I am happy and determined to do well on my final assignment due in soon and then I’ll be hitting the books for revision!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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37 thoughts on “Word of the Week 22/4/16”

  1. Wow what a week…I’m now getting back to the gym Tomo…going to write ten blog posts and go summer shopping!! Well done you. Great to feel motivated and achieve when you worked so hard. X

  2. Ecdysis is a brilliant word to describe the shedding off the winter layers and putting on Spring clothes instead. I had noticed the new pic on social media and really like it. Well done on your penultimate OU score and good luck with the final assignment – I have one due in this weekend, it’s all written up but just need to look through it once more with fresh eyes before I submit. Thanks for hosting #WotW and hope you have a good weekend.

  3. OMG I love your word! Perfect for me I had a professional declutterer in this week and have lost 2 stone since Christmas feel this word is exactly right ..can we share it!

  4. That’s a great word for this time of you – Ecdysis – I may use it myself. It has felt like there’s been a sea-change in the weather and generally feeling more spring like and less winter, I agree. And it’s so much easier to enjoy a healthy eating plan in the summer months I find, winter is for stoggy puddings and treats!
    Well done with your OU assignment, I’m in awe as to how you fit it all in. Super organised!
    And I do like you new photo, I think it’s good to spruce things up every now and again – that’s a job I can’t wait to tackle but it won’t be until mid May!
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. It certainly is easir to eat better in the spring and summer, I find. That said, I could just go a good old pud now! Thank you, I do like a spruce up! x

  5. Thanks for teaching us a new word! 😉 Congratulations on your high score. I’ve also been wearing sandals and lighter clothing to do the school run. But I’m afraid as I type this, it’s a different story today. Grey clouds and light rain hover over our little village at the moment. But if the weather is correct, another lovely day tomorrow 🙂 #wotw

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  7. I have to admit I had no idea what that word meant.. but it is a cool word! sounds like a very productive week. Amazing what 2 and a half days of good weather can do for us!

  8. What a great word. I didn’t have a clue what it meant until you explained….
    I noticed the new photo! Looking fab!
    Well done with the OU score. That’s fantastic x

  9. I had to look twice when your avi changed it took me by surprise. It seems you are full of energy and spring is where the new year starts for you. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  10. Hi Jocelyn, I am new to your linky love your word. I always feel the need around this time of year to get a good body scrub and a hand mitt and literally shed a few layers ready for the sun.

  11. Ace word. Sounds like a really postive time for you and all good things to look forward to. Congrats on your exam mark, I don’t know how you juggle it all. I like your photo and always fun to update X #wotw

  12. Ooh i productive week, I love your new avatar it is such a lovely picture of you, and congratulations on the results. I changed my theme a few times until I found the right one for me and I am totally in love with my new theme, have you tried pip dig its is fab xx

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