Word of the Week 22/7/16

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My word of the week this week is:


The sun has arrived! I adore the sunshine and the heat, summer is my favourite season. This week we have spent so much time in the garden and it’s been great to be able to throw open the back door and the kids have been in and out as the mood takes them. As soon as Boo’s been getting home from school each day, they’ve been sitting out there with their ice lollies, so happy.

I have also had the summer holidays on my mind as I’ve been planning in play dates, days out intermingled with lazier days and a few appointments that we need to get in over the break. Oh yes, we have the excitement of the dentists, hairdressers and Little Man’s preschool immunisations to look forward to!

Then there’s been the countdown all week. Boo and Little Man break up from school and nursery today, and we are all so ready for the summer. I have been writing and scheduling posts like a crazy woman so that I can really slow the pace down over the summer and just enjoy spending time with the kids. In just a few more hours they are mine, all mine, for weeks on end. I can’t wait!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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37 thoughts on “Word of the Week 22/7/16”

  1. Summer is great isn’t it. Love being outside with the kids. Sounds like you have a good time planned. We broke up on Wednesday and have the dentist today (has to be done). Hope you have a lovely summer x

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  3. Ah a lovely word, hasn’t the weather been glorious! We have spent so much time in the garden this week. It’s Boo’s last day at nursery before the summer today and it’s a Princess and Pirate party haha.
    I wish I had been more organised I have nothing scheduled over the summer – not sure how I am going to fit writing posts in when I don’t get the time she has at nursery!

  4. As mentioned, while it was lovely here for a few days, sadly the warm weather didn’t last. It is grey and cloudy as I type this. The sun did a little comeback for about half an hour this morning, but it seems to have changed it’s mind again and have left us in the grey 🙁 Hopefully it will come back. #wotw

  5. Haha you sound so positive and ready for the challenge 😉 I am so envious must be lovely to have a garden and sit in. I am glad you have enjoyed the sun bit too much for me but I am a lover of autumn. I hope you have a lovely holiday with your little uns, sounds like you have the right balance X #wotw

    1. So looking forward to it! Oh yes, our first home was a flat and it’s been lovely to have a garden and appreciate it since then x

  6. It sounds like you have lots of plans for the Summer, it’s so nice to ditch the school routine and relax and have fun isn’t it. I do like the Summer for the bright weather but I’m not a fan of the sticky heat I will be much happier come Autumn. #WotW

    1. I love the lack of routine, so refreshing. Oh, I love all of the seasons when they come round, but right now, I am revelling in summer!

  7. *Yeah* summer is finally here isn’t it, and it feels great!
    Mine broke up on Tuesday and we’ve been so lucky to be out and about and enjoying the weather. In fact we’ve had lots of afternoons with friends at our house, the paddling pool and water pistols out followed by an ice lolly! Perfect way to spend an afternoon
    Well done that you go so much blogging done. I have many half finished posts which I’m aiming to finish by tomorrow…wish me luck!
    Enjoy the weather xx

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