Word of the Week 23/9/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Ah yes, after the bubble of the summer holidays and a couple of adventures in our first weeks back, reality is now biting.

Little Man has been feeling the reality of his return to nursery and is making his unhappy feelings known. He’s been protesting and getting upset about going this week, more so than last, possibly because the novelty has worn off and he’s realised that this is how it is now again.

Boo’s reality of Year 2 at school is going well, as she’s been given more responsibility and is delighted to be a classroom monitor this term. However, she’s said one or two things to me recently that have made me a little sad as I’ve realised that she’s growing up and people around her can influence her more now. She’s always been so confident and I think innocence and lack of any real self-consciousness have contributed to that, but a few people have said things to her that have had her questioning herself and her behaviour, and it’s a real shame. The real world is starting to creep in already.

My reality is in getting my routines back with blogging and yes, university work has now recommenced. The break was lovely, but it’s back to the grind again for me!

Intermingled into all of this, though, is my determination to keep hold of the fun, adventures and great moods we’ve all been in, even as routines and normality return. As I’ve mentioned in the last couple of Word of the Weeks, I am planning weekend adventures and mini breaks, Little Man and I are having our fun days each week and we’ve been throwing in spontaneous excitement such as movie nights and impromptu trips out for the kids. Just because reality is back, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it, right?

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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31 thoughts on “Word of the Week 23/9/16”

  1. Reality can definitely hit with a bit of a bump, can’t it? Sorry to hear that Little Man is struggling with being back at nursery and that Boo is starting to become self-conscious about things. Glad to hear she is enjoying Year 2 though and well done on being made classroom monitor. Sounds like you also have lots of fun things happening as well. Good luck with getting back in to your studies – I’m on my last module with the course I’m doing so not long to go now. Thanks for hosting #WotW

    1. He’s really not enjoying going, though is settling once there, so I’m hoping he’ll adjust soon. It feels like my studies were never having a break – already back into the swing! Best of luck with yours x

  2. Hi Jocelyn, it feels like an age since I linked up, but I just couldn’t manage during the summer. I have a feeling that many of us bloggers are getting back into the swing of blogging after the summer, which makes me feel better.

    I hope Little Man has a change of heart about nursery. It’s not nice knowing he doesn’t really want to go. And it is such a shame that Boo’s started to question herself. I hope the phase passes and she realises what a wonderful person she is. It’s hard to let criticism roll at the best of times, but I would like to think she could shrug her shoulders and say “so what? I like me, just the way I am!”, but unfortunately little ones rarely do that.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for hosting.


    1. My boy would always rather be at home, I just need him to get to the stage he’s at least not getting upset about going. I hope she does that, too, I’ll certainly help her as best I can x

  3. Yep my daughter was not wanting to go to nursery today; makes a difference as I am at home now. Aw hopefully little man will settle back soon. Reality sets in but often doesn’t take long to get used to. Hope your daughter can rise above anything said to her and keep confident in herself 🙂 Good luck with the course! xx Thanks for hosting x

  4. awww sorry to hear about your boy, give him time to adjust as it is a big shock to him. I am glad your daughter enjoys the new responsibilities, it is sad when we start to lose control of protecting children but sadly something they will have to go through with external influences. Sounds like fun for you and good luck with uni X #wotw

  5. Some kids can really say hurtful words, we keep reminding T about that and be mindful of what she says before she opens her mouth. Yes, they are indeed growing up 🙁 I guess we just need to prepare them for the cruel world we live in. Good luck with the next OU chapter in your life. The husband is teaching a new course with them. He’s doing lots of reading in preparation for that, but still managed to invade my kitchen! #wotw

    1. They are starting to pay attention a bit more now, aren’t they? Ah well, they have to grow up. Love that your husband still found time to get into the kitchen!

  6. I remember my son being shocked that school was forever (almost) and questioning the concept of wearing uniform every day, after the first week. We ask a lot of them. This year I’ve noticed all three of them slotting back into the rhythm of school much faster. Even the middle one who has started at Secondary. Maybe having so many Septembers behind them helps. Sorry that Boo has had comments. I always tell my children that the comments say more about the person saying them, than the person they are directed to.

    1. It is a lot to ask, they are only small. I’m glad your three are settling well, time does help. Those are wise words, so true.

  7. Kimberlye Richardson

    I love this week’s word and your final thoughts on what you are going to make your reality. It made me think of my girls in their younger years and the “intentional” things we did after homework was done and that after-school snack time had finished. I thought of how quickly they grow up and how much I miss our movie nights that were early enough to ensure that it was before their bedtime. I miss our creating afternoons of painting together or dancing, even if it was for school for one and everyone else joined in. I miss those moments of reading together, museum adventures, surprise afternoons at the park feeding ducks, games of baseball (soccer or any other sport we played for the fun of it) in the backyard, or other things that have long since passed. Do make your time with them the reality you want to have. Make it splendid whenever posdible. You will not regret it and it will be worth every single memory you have of those moments of reality. Enjoy your great adventure together and thank you again for making me think of the wonderful things I miss, but have the fondest memories of.

    1. Ah, thank you, Kimberlye. Such a beautiful comment. The time does fly by, it only seems a moment ago that they were babies, so I know to make the most of it, and am determined to do so. I’m glad I took you back to your happy memories x

  8. Oh no! Sorry that your little man is struggling with nursery…It will get easier.
    It sounds like Boo is doing well but Grr! at the real world influencing her so much. It’s such a shame.
    It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun though.
    Thank you for hosting x

    1. It will get easier, he needs to get back into it after the summer break, I know. It is a shame, but inevitable, I suppose. Ah yes, always getting the fun in, too! x

  9. Oh yes, that feeling when the kids suddenly realise that it’s not a novelty going to nursery but the way it is, I remember that with all of mine. Poor Boo too, growing up can be hard sometimes. I’m sure they will both settle with the reality of growing up soon. You have to because it never gets any easier does it? Good for you sprinkles your days with fun times and making happy memories.

    1. He’d just rather be at home, poor thing. Whereas my girl always bounced into nursery! You do have to, you’re so right, there is no other way. And thanks, I’ll be sprinkling that fun in!

  10. It’s horrible to watch that innocence and self confidence fade when reality bites, if only we could keep them young and happy forever, alas we can’t but we can be there to reassure, comfort and make reality fun like you said. I hope your little man starts to enjoy being back at nursery soon. #WotW

  11. Reality is kicking in here, too. So sorry to hear that Boo is starting to have to deal with the realities of other children in the playground – children can be quite harsh, we’re finding that out ourselves too! They say it’s good life lessons but it still hurts when its your child coming home and questioning themselves. But it’s great that she has other responsibilities, is the class monitor and is enjoying going to school.
    Oh such a shame your Little Man is struggling, it makes it hard to leave them when they’re so upset. Hopefully this is just a reality phase he’s going thru, and your weekend activities and special days out make up for it.
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. It is all part of life, I know, and I’m hoping it’s a tiny blip and not a full-on new stage! I think my boy just needs to get back into it, and he’s loving our fun days! Thanks x

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  13. Ahh reality is great isn’t it? I like your last thought of enjoying reality since it’s here anyway 🙂 wise words me dear 🙂 Little Man will settle down, and Boo will be fine. If you do feel worried you could always have a quiet word with a teacher, but these things generally straighten themselves out 🙂 If it helps, Sir is reluctant to go into class at the moment and he’s 12…

  14. Definitely try to keep hold of the fun, summer is a good reminder of how much fun we should have. Good luck, and there’s definitely a touch of reality around this time of year isn’t there? Thanks for hosting #wotw

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