Word of the Week 24/3/17

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My word of the week this week is:


I am pleased to say that my daughter is at last back to her old self again. As she was quite ill for over a week, it felt like an age before I saw her start to bounce back. She started eating properly again over the weekend, much to my relief, and was back at school her normal energy returning this week. It’s so reassuring to see her well again, full of life, smiles and chatter. Thanks to so many of you for your well wishes, and to my lovely family and friends for checking on her, and my best mate for sending her a brilliant cheer up package.

There’s also been something of a milestone with Little Man. As you’ll know, he’s always been reluctant to go to nursery. Well, this week, for the very first time in over a year of him going, he hugged me then ran off with his friend to play without a backward glance. This is huge! He has always, always needed to be handed over to an adult there to hold their hand for reassurance as he said goodbye to me. To just run off with a mate was unheard of and I was so very happy to see it. He’s also been talking about new friends, as well as being keen to get there to see his close pals. He did well going when Boo was poorly, as I thought he’d complain knowing she was at home, but he was fine so I really think a corner has at last been turned. I am now starting to feel much happier about him starting school as I am glimpsing how he can settle there now. Such a relief!

And finally, my Open University work has been occupying me. I was relieved to get my last assignment back with the best mark of this module so far, which told me I’m on track for the grade I want and reassured me that I know what I’m doing as I felt most confident in writing this piece, so clearly this does reflect in the mark. I have then been wrangling (there’s really no other word for it!) with my next assignment and getting it clear in my head, and deciphering exactly what the question is asking of me has been consuming me! Well, I think, I hope, I am there now, so I just need to get to writing it this coming week.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week 24/3/17”

  1. Always a good word. Glad Boo is feeling better. It did go on a long time. She obviously needed time. I remember going through the same with my eldest when she went to preschool. Reluctant to go. Sounds like Little Man is on his way. Well done on you OU.

    1. Definitely. It felt like she’s been ill for ages, but to look at her now one week later and you’d never know she’d been ill! Thank you x

  2. I’m so glad that Boo is better now and well done to Little Man, finding his confidence. I can understand why that is such a relief, it’s a great moment. x

  3. So glad Boo is feeling much better bless her. Horrible when not themselves. Such a relief your little man is going off to nursery all content too. Makes such a difference 🙂 xx Thanks for hosting x

  4. I’m so pleased that Boo is feeling better. Little Man has done so well, you must be so proud and confident that this will make his transition to school easier. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Aw that is so fab all round! So glad little miss is better and little man is loving nursery. And well done on your grade that is such great news. Have a lovely mother day xxx

  6. So great to hear your daughter is much better now and its lovely to read your son is comfortable with school now. Good luck with your assignment I’m sure you’ii ace it. #WotW

  7. So glad that Boo is better now and a huge well done to Little Man on running into nursery with a friend with just a hug for you – that is such a huge step for him and it must be so nice to see him becoming more confident. Well done to you too on getting your best mark on your most recent assignment and good luck with writing the next one. Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

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