Word of the Week 24/6/16

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My word of the week this week is:

gardening wotw

I went along to Gardeners’ World Live last week and absolutely loved it! I went with my mum, the best gardener I know, which made it all the more special. We very rarely have time to ourselves together these days, as the kids are usually around, so to have a whole day out just the two of us was lovely, and for it to be at something that we both really enjoy made it all the more enjoyable. It gave me plenty of ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm and of course actual plants – yes, I couldn’t come away without buying a fair few, could I?!

I shared some of my thoughts in a post earlier this week, 5 Tips for Encouraging Wildlife into your Garden and you’ll probably have spotted a few pics over on Instagram, too.

So since then I’ve been gardening, when the weather permits. I’ve moved a few things around, put my new plants in, then requested more new plants courtesy of my mum’s garden (so handy!), so that’s seen me out there again planting and pottering. When I’m not out there, I’ll often catch myself thinking about it, what I want to move, plant next, buy next and so on. And of course with all of this rain, there’s new growth out there daily to explore and enjoy. My addiction to David Austin roses remains strong (and yes, I totally bought another last Friday), and I have so many of them blooming right now it smells wonderful out there and is all so colourful.

So whilst I’ve been busy with various other things this week – playing with the kids, adoring Game of Thrones, reading lots of books, writing plenty of blog posts, getting to grips with my bullet journal – it’s been gardening that has most pervaded my thoughts and where I’ve been spending a lot of time.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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25 thoughts on “Word of the Week 24/6/16”

  1. That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited for summer too! Can’t wait to start gardening as a family and would also love to encourage more wildlife, including wildflowers grow in our garden. Now if only the weather would cooperate 😉 #wotw

  2. I am glad you had a good time at Gardeners Live. It is great you can have one to one time with your mum have something you can enjoy together and get that connection. Looks like weather right brighten so hopefully you can enjoy your work you have done in the garden X #wotw

  3. It sounds like you had a great time at Gardeners’ World Live and it’s given you plenty of ideas.
    Ahh! I have got into this series of Game of Thrones. I still have Monday’s episode to watch!

  4. I’ve love the beautiful photo’s you put on Instagram of your flowers and it looks like you had a wonderful time at Gardeners Live, I’ve just started to grow flowers in my garden this year and I’m finding it so rewarding watching everything come into bloom.

    1. Oh, thank you, I do love sharing my flowers on IG. It is so rewarding, isn’t it? Lovely seeing everything come to life.

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  6. That wounds like a lovely week 🙂 and I love seeing your photos of your garden on Instagram 😀 Do you fancy sorting my garden out? LOL!!

  7. Aw bet that was lovely to spend some time with your mum doing something you both enjoy. I am taking my mum to a spa on Friday for her birthday present and will be so lovely to just the 2 of us and not be interrupted by the kids! Xx

  8. Oh you put me to shame with your gardening efforts, our garden looks like its been overtaken by the wilds of the forest!!
    But it is good when you can get out and sort out the garden, I think it’s quite therapeutic, too
    Glad you had a great time at Gardener’s World Live & it is lovely that you got some quality time with your Mum too.Days out like this are special. Funny, I think my mum is the best gardener in the world, too!
    Have a fabulous week

  9. How lovely! Sounds like you had a great day with your mum. I wish I could get inspired by gardening. Whilst I love to look at our garden and adore being outside in the sunshine, I just cannot abide gardening!

    1. It was brilliant, made me want to spend hours and hours and ridiculous amounts of money out there – all things that I do not have!!

  10. Thank you because my mother and father in laws loved the gardeners live show. So glad you had a fab day too. I love our Garden although Chris is the gardener, I do the garden shopping and he plants it, so we make a great team x

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