Word of the Week 25/11/16

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My word of the week this week is:


Oh, in so many ways!

Firstly I have been preparing for my second Open University assignment. I have written my essay plan and started gathering the sources I want to use, and I have managed to get half of the 2000 words written in some semblance of order so far. I hope to finish it today, so wish me luck!

My daughter has also been preparing her work. She has a project on London that needs to be handed in at the end of term, so she has made a good start on that and has her plan all outlined, bless her.

I have booked in a little break for next February for myself, the Husband, my brother and his wife, so the accommodation is all sorted now, Cardiff here we come! I have also been arranging our main holiday next summer.

Then it’s Christmas prep that has been dominating here. Both my daughter and I have got all of our Christmas cards written (I’d planned for her to do a few each day but she sat and did 40+ all in one go, she loves to write!). I have done pretty much all of my Christmas shopping now and managed to wrap all but the kids presents up and we had a good old books and toy clearout over the weekend to prepare for the inevitable Christmas influx! I am now just waiting for the Christmas shopping slots to be released so I can book my food shopping in and I think I am all set. The Advent calendars are ready to arrive next week with Marty our elf and then we’ll need to get the tree and trimmings out of the loft next weekend, when we will also be going to see Santa. We are all set to just relax and enjoy it all then. That’s the plan anyway!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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29 thoughts on “Word of the Week 25/11/16”

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  2. Good luck with your assignment! and good luck to your daughter with her project 🙂 Madam has one that needs doing by 7th December so we made a start on that.

  3. My goodness. How organized are you? I am impressed. Fabulous that your daughter is learning to be prepared too. You really are setting a good example. Hope the essay goes well. It does bring back memories. #wotw

  4. Sounds like you have had a busy but productive week. I’ve spent this week preparing the house for the festive season and also organising work and blogging so I’m prepared for December. Good luck with your assignment. #WotW

    1. This is true. Yes, I’m enjoying it, thanks. If you search Open University on my blog, I have written a few posts about it 🙂

  5. OMG well done you this is sooooo organised. I haven’t even bought card eeeek. But I have more time that ever before so can pull it out of the bag ha ha ! Hope you got the assignment finished, when I was at uni i so struggled with 2000 words now i cant keep down to 600 for a post I have gone the opposite direction, have a fab week x

  6. Great word – and sounds like you’ve made huge progress too. I do love a bit of planning and doing, and it’s the season really where it all comes at once isn’t it. But you’re way ahead of me – and eek, christmas cards, not started those yet let alone writing them. Love how Boo is so keen on writing too, have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting #wotw

  7. That is being prepared!
    Best of luck with the OU project again & how lovely to have something to look forward to in February – something to look forward to thru the bleakness of January!
    As for Christmas preparation, well I thought I was organised until I read your post! I plan to do our card writing on 1st December with hot chocolate & kids. How impressive that Boo did 40+ in one go!
    I hope you manage to relax after all this planning!

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