Word of the Week 28/2/14

Thank you for continuing to pop by and share your Word of the Week! It’s so lovely to read them all each week, and I do really look forward to it 🙂 Anyone can join in, and you can find out all about it here.

Lovely to receive so many well wishes last week. Boo and I are now back to full strength again! And this week, my Word of the Week is..


Lots of new goings-on here this week. I have a new Twitter name (I’m now @ReadingRes) and my new blog design is being created as I type this – more on that very soon. All four of us have had some new books, which is always popular here! Boo has decided that we can play Mummy and Daddy’s music at mealtimes, rather than the seemingly obligatory Disney songs and nursery rhymes we’ve been subjected to for years – this is a new regime that I’m delighted with! And out in the garden there are signs of new life, with shoots and buds all over the place, giving me hope that a new season will soon be here 🙂

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73 thoughts on “Word of the Week 28/2/14”

  1. New is such a great word – so full of potential. Intrigued as to how I missed your Twitter name change though! Have you had to start again with no followers? How does it work? Glad you’ve had a good week though xx

  2. Lovely word and very positive 🙂 How have you managed to get control back of the music, I need to know because in our house the 7 year old reigns supreme! Although she did concede to ‘allow’ me to watch the Winter Olympics when the TV was on…..

    1. Thank you. I suggested to Boo that she could be a DJ and choose anything from all the CDs! Nowhere near regaining TV control – well done on that!

    1. Thanks very much. I felt the blog was established enough to change my Twitter name, at last! The design is going back and forth as I type this, so hopefully it’ll be soon.. 🙂

  3. I noticed your new twitter handle! Isn’t it lovely that feeling of soon being out in the garden again? I’ve just ordered some new garden trimming spool in actual fact! Not the most exciting thing for many people perhaps but it’ll do for me 😉

  4. The new blog design sounds intriguing – look forward to it. I’m moving to a new host for my blog at the moment and that’s a little scary, but think it is the right things for me. I love this time of year too: so much promise.

  5. I agree with everyone, new is a lovely word and its always so lovely at this time of year when the world starts renewing itself again! Now I feel bad that I’ve never played any children’s music for my two! Mind you we’re not very musiccy people at all – if anything I play the kids my Zero 7 in the car which makes them drop off 🙂 or we just do lots of singing of children’s favourite songs.

  6. Congratulations on the music victory! We have the Disney songs on which I don’t mind as i do love them, but at the moment they insist on having the same song on repeat! M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E for every mealtime! Aaaarrggghhhhh!

  7. New seems very appropriate for you this week and glad to hear you and Boo both feel as good as new too. Spotted the Twitter name change yesterday and looking forward to seeing the new blog design. New books always put a smile on my face too! I’ve yet to decide what my word will be this week but sure I’ll be back with one before the weekend’s out.

  8. Wow – exciting new(s) about the new blog design. Looking forward to seeing that! And brilliant on the music win. Nothing against Disney, but it is probably a welcome relief to have some more mature tastes for the ears. Spring is definitely in the air – we spotted some new buds, new blooms and some sunshine in the park just now. Happy days x

    1. The change is music is a very welcome relief! And hoping the new blog design will be up in a few days 🙂

  9. Oh, I noticed your new name actually, sounds quite posh! As for grown-up music, hurray, I am still waiting for the day when Emma will give up the monopoly over the TV 🙂

  10. An exciting time! Glad to hear that you are both feeling better. The change in music is a big step! You have that lovely moment to come when Boo sings along to your favourite songs 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new design x

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  12. Great word to sum up your week, I had noticed your new twitter handle as it stumped me earlier when I couldn’t tweet you haha. Can’t wait to see your new design too.

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