Word of the Week 2/9/16

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My word of the week this week is:


So many changes this week!

OK, first up Ikea. Ah, the joys of Ikea on a bank holiday weekend, four hours of my life that I’ll never get back. On the up side, the kids were staying at my mum’s so the Husband and I could concentrate on what we wanted to buy and then make it all up when we got home in peace. We now have a new look dining area in our kitchen, I have a new home office space and those two big changes have had knock on effects elsewhere in the house where we have moved things around. I’ve loved walking around the house this week and getting used to the changes. The house feels more spacious and well-organised. We have then been planning a few more home improvements and projects that should keep us busy for a few more weeks.

Not wanting them to be left out, I’ve also changed the bedding in the guinea pigs cage. No big deal, you’re thinking, barely worth mentioning? Yet the time I’ve spent researching it this week, pricing different options up and then marvelling at the absorbency of the first one I’m trying means it merits a mention! With changes to the playroom and office space, it does also free up a larger space for them to live so I am also in the middle of researching a change of cage for them.

The biggest change on our lips this week is actually yet to come, but has occupied quite a bit of my time and thoughts. Little Man will be turning 4 years old tomorrow, and as you can imagine the build up to that particular change is quite an excitable one!

Then there’s the imminent change looming – from relaxed and fun days to the return to school. But we’ve plenty of adventures planned in here before that, so I won’t dwell on that one!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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35 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/9/16”

  1. … and we know how you love change! Me, not to so much although I tend to like it once it’s done. Just don’t’ like the upheavel. We actually swapped bedrooms in the summer to give our little girl more room as she grows (for dancing in her bedroom, her desk and the like!) Do you guinea pigs realise how fortunate they are btw?! 😉 Thanks for hosting #wotw

    1. I do love change! That sounds like a very positive change for your daughter. Ha ha, I doubt they do, but I simply adore them!

  2. As much as I love the stuff from Ikea I don’t envy you spending that long you should get a medal for escaping alive. I liked reading about all the changes you have made, I always look at September like a practice new year and implement lots of changes myself. I hope your little man has a wonderful birthday. #WotW

  3. Definitely a lot of change there. I have to confess, I’ve never been to Ikea! Big Happy Birthday Wishes to the Little Man tomorrow, four is such an exciting age xx

  4. Happy Birthday Little Man! I love Ikea and can’t wait to see your new office space. I have one too but it’s looking really messy right now and it’s just a little nook in our bedroom. Would love to get it organised like you 🙂 #wotw

  5. I love IKEA for all their storage ideas and it must be so lovely to walk around and feel like everything’s more organised thanks to the changes. Hope Little Man has a wonderful birthday tomorrow and that you all enjoy the last few days before the return to school. Thank you for hosting #WotW

  6. Oh I love a positive change! Hope Little Man has a great birthday!
    Have fun choosing a new cage and stuff for the guinea pigs, so many options nowadays aren’t there, and so much to learn about caring for them. I had 2 gorgeous little girl guinea pigs, adorable little things.

  7. It sounds like the changes in your house are fantastic….You were brave going to Ikea on a Bank holiday weekend though. hehehe
    Happy birthday to your boy….I hope he has a fab day!
    Thank you for hosting x

  8. Ah love organising space and going off to IKEA! I so get you when you just walk around admiring your handy work! Hope the little man has a fab birthday. Thanks for hosting xx

  9. Wow, lots of changes, even for the little guinea pigs! My little darlings already started back at school, and I must admit I’m enjoying that particular change rather too much! Desperate for the routine back in our lives I’m afraid! Thanks for hosting again #WotW

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  11. I don’t envy the four hours in Ikea but it sounds like it was well worth the effort! I am still in the process of clearing out all the cr@p we seem to have accumulated! after that, there’s a few changes I’d like to make 😀

  12. Well done on getting so much done and thank goodness for Grandma! I love how you move from your life changes to those of the guinea pig – made me smile! Happy Birthday and have fun.

  13. You’re a brave woman to tackle Ikea on a bank holiday weekend! hehehe!!
    Change is good and refreshing, and it’s great that it’s had such an effect on your house. It’s always good to challenge and evoke change at times, I think too!
    Hope you had a good back to school and your little man enjoyed his Birthday
    It’s a week of change, that’s for sure

    1. I know! I do like change, it’s really freshened things up. He had a fab birthday, thanks, and it’s back to school tomorrow x

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