Word of the Week 29/7/16

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My word of the week this week is:


When I look back over the week, this is the word that springs most readily to mind to sum it up, though I know it doesn’t say much. With one thing and another, it has been a ‘full’ week.

We’ve been to a pet show and a food festival with friends, where I pretty much wanted to buy all the food and drink – gin and shortbread, anyone? We’ve visited the SeaLife Centre to check out their Finding Dory event, strolled the canalsides in Birmingham hunting Pokemon (totally normal), shopped at Grand Central and grabbed myself a bargain Joules coat. We have had a fun-packed and noisy play date with the lovely BrummyMummyof2, caught up with family, tested some lovely new toys and books out, searched for book benches, had lunches out and then there are the appointments we’ve managed to squeeze in. Boo and I have had haircuts, Little Man’s had his preschool jabs and was absolutely brilliant, and the kids have both had check-ups at the dentist. Yep, it’s been a full week!

Today is the first day of the holidays that we do not have a single thing planned. And relax…

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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39 thoughts on “Word of the Week 29/7/16”

  1. It sounds like a very full week with lots of fun things to start off the summer holidays! Hope you have a slightly more relaxing day today – sounds like it might be needed! I love seeing the photos of the book benches – it brings back happy memories of our hunts to find them in London. Hope you are having fun trying to find them all! Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

  2. Wow, it really has been a full week for you! How did you cram so much in to seven days?! Sounds like a lot of fun though. Hope you get to relax today, ready for many more full weeks ahead during the summer!x

  3. wow! how on earth did you fit all that into one week? It certainly was a full week. I can’t cope with doing to much so we are having a day in and a day out. But sometimes a day at home can be tiring especially when you have lots of activities planned.

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  5. A busy week but a fun one 🙂 Here’s to a relaxing day for you all – well you mainly 😀 kids don’t tend to relax LOL!

  6. Yup, that’s a full week!! I love having my two at home for summer and we do tend to cram everything in during the first few weeks too, I think I’m just so excited they’re at home!
    Have a lovely week and have fun !

  7. I’m like you! Have to do stuff, see friends and get out. Go mad inside all day long. Sounds like fun! So pleased those jabs went ok! I’m a bit worried about my wussy girly with her next ones. Have fun next week and thanks for hosting xx

    1. I was dreading my son’s as he wasn’t good with his flu spray! But he was so calm, not a tear or flinch – you might be OK! x

  8. I’m envious you guys managed to go out and about. We haven’t done much of that this week. The weather down here in North Cornwall has been awful. While I do love living in the country, times like these though, I wish I lived nearer a city or big town where you can just hide in a museum all day and still have fun 😉

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