Word of the Week 30/6/17

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s been a week of new experiences for us this week.

My Little Man has had his first settling in sessions at school and thoroughly enjoyed them – he didn’t want to leave! It was his first time meeting his teacher and playing in his new classroom alongside his new classmates. He was nervous before it but happily wandered in when we arrived and was bouncing with excitement about it when I collected him. Hooray!

As the Reception class visit their new rooms, so do the rest of the school, so Boo has found out who her new teacher will be from September and has spent time in her new room. She knows the teacher and is very happy about it and excited about moving to KS2 as she moves upstairs in the school, a big thing!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to get back to the gym. I finally got there and joined this week and started my workouts. I’m really pleased that I’ve chosen the one that I have as the staff are friendly, there’s a nice atmosphere in there and from a practical point of view it doesn’t take me long to get there and parking’s free and plentiful. I’ve not been to a gym for well over ten years, so my body is adjusting to this experience!

On a smaller scale, we have started shopping at a different shop each week and Little Man has enjoyed helping me choose our food – he gets a bit carried away putting things in the trolley! And we’ve also had an upgrade on our Virgin box as apparently our old one had a fault in it so we are getting used to using the new one. Little Man is leading us with that new experience as he likes to figure out technology!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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24 thoughts on “Word of the Week 30/6/17”

  1. So good to hear that LIttle Man settled well in his little session. Move up days are very exciting aren’t they? But potentially ‘interesting’ too when they find out which of their friends they’ll be with in September and their teacher. Our daughter’s class gets jigged around for KS2… thanks for hosting #wotw

    1. He loved it and is keen to go back next week. Oh, my girl’s class are all still together, that must be hard on them.

  2. Glad that Little Man enjoyed his settling in sessions and that Boo is excited about moving up to KS2. We had a meeting about Year 1 this week and will know who Jessica’s new teacher is next week. I can’t quite believe her first school year is almost over! Glad you are also enjoying getting back to the gym and Little Man sounds like he likes to be very helpful when shopping (even if he does like to do his own!) Thanks for hosting #WotW

    1. The time just flies, doesn’t it? I can’t believe Boo’s going into KS2 soon. Hmm, Little Man’s not really that helpful…! x

  3. It sounds like both your children are very excited for the new school year. Our school has an early transition policy which means all children will be in their new classes for the last few weeks of term before the Summer it works really well. Well done on getting back in the gym it can be daunting after all those years. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

    1. They are, I just hope my son continues to be when reality hits in September! That sounds lovely, a good idea. Thanks, I’m pleased I got round to going back again x

  4. So pleased for you all that Little Man enjoyed his school experience, such a relief for you! Congrats on getting to the gym and great that Boo is happy about her school arrangements.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Well done on getting back to the gym. I miss going, but then I was having physio therapy and learning how to walk again. I do wish I could go again though and do some more exercise with specialised help, it’s disappointing that I no longer qualify.
    I think it’s so good that schools give the kids a chance to spend time with their new teacher’s in their new classes this time of year, it really helps the transition in September. My little ones are moving to a new school as their present one is being closed down. It’s going to be pretty scary for them but hopefully it will be their last change. They are moving to a brand newly built school and it’s an all through school right up until yr 11. So no move to secondary school. Plus their older sister is already there in year 7.

    1. Thank you, I am glad I pushed myself to do it as I do enjoy going. So frustrating for you. I hope the school transition goes well for your children, that is a big change, but then less so further down the line which must be nice x

  6. Ahh! Well done to your children in their new classes….It’s great your boy has settled in so well.
    It sounds like the gym is going great!
    Thank you for hosting x

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