Word of the Week – 3/10/14

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My word of the week this week is:


This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. You know those weeks where you have to stop and really think about what day it is today – it’s been one of those! I toyed with the word ‘chaotic’ as I’ve felt all over the place, but somehow, it’s still all been organised and under control, yet I’ve felt all week that I might be one step away from forgetting or overlooking something! I feel a bit like a hamster on his little wheel! Our routine’s fully in place now, with the 2 school runs daily, and then Little Man has 4 of his 5 mornings with classes or groups, so we’re in and out, off to various venues at various times, and it’s all stored in my head. As soon as he naps in the afternoon, I’ve been sitting down to work, and along with my normal writing, I seem to have had an influx of emails to respond to this week, reviews and posts to organise and give-aways ending to arrange prizes for – all good things, but a little more than average. Boo’s been bringing plenty of paperwork home from school with her, so I’ve been ensuring slips are going back when they need to, including ones for a maths workshop and parents evening, both next week, which I’ve then arranged babysitters for. I’m now volunteering at the school on Wednesday afternoons, while my mum’s with Little Man for his nap, so there goes that slot for writing! Unusually, we’ve also had something going on each afternoon after school, from haircuts to seeing family, and then the Husband’s got a big project on at work which has seen him home later than normal, too. Though I do suspect that all of this wouldn’t give me such a hectic feeling if it wasn’t for also preparing for a birthday and all of the treats that go along with it, as today is Boo’s 5th birthday. It’s been exhausting and relentless, but with adrenalin and goals keeping me wired! So yes, I’ve felt a little bit all over the place, always suspecting I’m one step away from dropping the ball, but so far I’m in control….so far!

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58 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 3/10/14”

  1. A big happy birthday to Boo!! It does sound hectic but like you’re organised with the whole routine now too. It must feel like a big change with all the school drop offs and pick ups and this will be me next year. Hope Boo has a lovely day today!

    1. Thanks, Tas. It’s a huge change, but it feels totally the norm now, as I’m sure it will for you next year x

  2. It’s so telling that you would choose the word hectic where someone else might have chosen overwhelming or exhausting – it’s clear you love a good organisational challenge! I can’t believe Boo is having things like maths workshops already! We have a “parents meeting” coming up but I suspect it will just be ten minutes to tell us he’s doing fine so far! X

    1. Oh, I do, you know me well! Yes, I think our parents evening will be like that. I’ve been to a Reading & Writing workshop, a Phonics workshop and then I have Maths to look forward to next week! x

  3. Wow what a very busy week for you all. Hectic is a good word – it does sound like you’ve managed to stay in control and organised. Hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating Boo’s birthday and a calmer week next week x

    1. I do, you are right, but I can feel that I could do with a rest, not least because Boo was up at 3am, birthday excited! x

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  5. You have had a rather hectic week. Arranging a birthday is always hectic and that’s without everything else happening, but it’s always worth it just to see their faces light up…I do hope Boo has a really special day.

    It is also a great thing that you are busy sorting posts, giveaways and reviews as it just shows what a successful blog you have.

    Thank you for taking the time to host #WotW.

    1. It has been totally worth it, as she has loved today 🙂 And yes, true, it’s good to have the blog keeping me busy! Thanks x

    1. It’s lucky I like to be busy! Wouldn’t mind it being a bit calmer next week, though! Thank you 🙂 x

  6. It is clear why you chose hectic for your WotW! I feel for you and definitely do not miss days like that when my children were younger. Now that they are teenagers they are pretty much self sufficient! Happy Birthday to Boo! I hope next week is not as hectic for you!


  7. Wow, that is a busy week, I would have been tempted to use chaotic too, but I’m glad that you felt on top of things enough to use hectic instead 🙂 Hope Boo had a fabulous birthday and that next week is a little calmer!

  8. Wow that is most definitely a hectic week! I seem to have lots going on at the moment too, just about managing to keep up with it all… I hope Boo had a lovely birthday 🙂 x

  9. Oh god! I know that feeling only too well – and I may have discovered a dropped ball today unfortunately. Sounds like a busy week, but controlled too, so you’re doing well. My head doesn’t have space for writing at the moment as it’s so distracted with trying to remember and work life out! I have five pages of diary dates to put in from my daughter’s school just for starters! Hectic is a great word but I hope things have calmed down a little now.

    1. Oh no, sounds hectic for you! Yes, I have some breathing space this week, just an unexpected 2 hours which have made a world of difference! Thanks x

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