Word of the Week 3/3/17

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My word of the week this week is:

The time has come around for me to upgrade my phone. Although I like my phone and don’t like the hassle involved in getting a new one, I knew that I needed an upgrade to improve storage and the camera.

I’ve been looking into which phone to get over the past few weeks and decided to get the latest model of the phone that I have, as I’m happy with it and used to it. So this week I have spent time looking around for the best deal on a Sony Xperia XZ, faffing around online researching offers and checking reviews and then finally making calls to upgrade. It was all upgraded on Monday, the phone arrived on Tuesday and on Wednesday I transferred everything from my old phone across, installed and set up all the apps that I need and then started using it. I was pleased with myself as I managed to do it myself – I tend to pass new phones to the Husband to sort out as I have no interest in it whatsoever!

All’s well and as I have stayed with the same make, it’s all familiar to me so I’ve not had to spend time getting used to it. So here’s to better storage now and a better camera!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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29 thoughts on “Word of the Week 3/3/17”

  1. Well done on setting it up yourself I would definitely be passing it along to my hubby I’m just not technically minded at all. I tend to stick to the same make and model it’s so much easier to get to grips with.

  2. Always nice to have better storage and a better camera. My phone tends to be my main camera these days as I always have it to hand! It is a hassle to upgrade but so much easier when it is the latest model of the same phone – glad you managed to do it yourself. Thanks for hosting #WotW

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  4. I get quite excited about getting a new phone, but I do get confused with the set up and changes too, so I tend to stick to the same type. However, when I broke my phone earlier this year, I snapped up someone else’s iPhone which they were selling really cheap. I’ve never had an iPhone before and I have to say, I love it!
    Thanks for hosting word of the week x

    1. Ah, you see I’ve moved away from iPhones now and I’m happy with my Sonys, though the Husband has just returned to the iPhone fold and tried to persuade me to do the same! x

  5. I never get a choice with my phone. I do ask for a good camera each time though. New phone is a good time for me to declutter. I only take over the minimum. The Teen tends to change settings on mine, as she discovers new features on her phone, as we upgrade at the same time. I keep reminding her that I used to teach programming to the mobile phone programmers. She’s no longer impressed.

    1. I use the camera on mine all the time, so that’s always the first thing I check. Love that your teen tells you how to do it, even though you know it all so well!

  6. Hooray for a new phone and well done for setting it up yourself.
    My fella has been looking for a new phone this week too…His broke months ago and has been without one. He needs one just for my peace of mind so I can get in touch with him in an emergency. x

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