Word of the Week – 5/9/14

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My word of the week this week is:


It’s been a big week in the Reading household. Tuesday saw our big girl start school. The Husband had the day off so that he could take her on her very first day, and we all went to meet her to see how she got on – she enjoyed it! She’s just done afternoons this week, and then starts full time from Monday. On Wednesday it was Little Man’s second birthday. We went to Thomasland, and Boo was able to come with us for the morning, too, and we then had a little birthday tea for him after collecting Boo from school, where he consumed a lot of Kermit cake and opened a lot of presents! So it’s been a week of milestones, excitement and a change from the norm. Next week will see reality and routine hit, so here’s hoping it all goes smoothly.

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61 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 5/9/14”

  1. Aw! Glad Boo is enjoying school – JJ is only going afternoons this week too and also enjoying himself but today is my first time to do the drop off and pick up so I’m quite excited to see what it’s like and also what next week will be like with five long school days and early mornings for him to get used to :-/ Glad Little Man enjoyed his birthday! A September baby so you will have him with you for another three years! EJ is July so we’ve only got two years until he heads out into the world – I hope he will be ready because I’m not sure JJ would have been at four… Have a great weekend X

    1. Yes, Boo’s already waking later each day after just 3 afternoons – she may be exhausted this time next week! I hope you like what you see when you take JJ today, and glad he’s enjoying it, too. It does seem funny to think that Ej and Little Man are pretty much the same age, yet they’ll have a whole year between them in starting school. Have a good one, too x

  2. Big milestones. I hope Boo is settling well into school, but I think you are right, next week will be a big step and lots to get used to. Glad little man had a good birthday. x

    1. Next week is the start, really, as Little Man’s new classes start then, too, which will be a big thing for him, too. Hoping all goes well! Thanks x

  3. Such big milestones! I’m glad Boo is enjoying school, I’ve been looking at all the photos on IG this week and thinking that will be me next year! Happy Birthday to Little Man too, sounds like he celebrated in style and a Kermit cake sounds amazing xx

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  5. It sounds like you’ve made the most of this week and what great weather for you too! I hope next week goes OK and the adjusting to a new routine isn’t too much of a shock- it does get easier xx

    1. Very busy, and next week will feel very strange, I think. We’ll soon get used to it, and yes the 1 on 1 should be good 🙂 x

  6. Ahhhh lovely, hope she had a good first day/week. Sounds like it was a lovely way to settle in, being in afternoons only. It’s been lovely seeing all these blog kids start school, I am excited for that day but also a little sad. It’s such a wonderful milestone xx

    1. Yes, I’m a mixture of excitement and sadness, too – leaning towards sadness to be honest. We’ll get used to it, I’m sure x

  7. ooooh what an exciting time, I’m so glad Boo is enjoying school. My Little Man (my baby) starts school next week and he’s really looking forward to it. I’m mixed in my emotions, maybe next week’s word of the week will let you know how I’m feeling. Belated Happy Birthday to your Little Man xx

    1. Ah, that is a big step and strange for you. I hope it goes well for you both, and look forward to reading how you’re feeling this time next week. Thank you x

  8. A belated happy birthday to your little man. Glad to hear your daughter had a great time at school! My eldest start’s next week (afternoons) and then full time the week after. She’s excited…I’m terrified!! x

  9. Starting school is such a big milestone and I hope Boo is enjoying herself! Hope Little Man had a fab birthday, coupled with a trip to Thomas Land he was super spoilt!! x

    1. She’s eager to go all day from tomorrow, so that’s a good sign! He had a great time, lovely to see you there 🙂 x

  10. Argh! I didn’t comment and I thought I had! Sounds like a really special week all round for you all. Such a massive milestone for Boo – I hope she’s enjoying it now she’s there properly. And what a great way to celebrate Little Man’s big day – sounds like a perfect birthday!

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