Word of the Week 7/10/16

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My word of the week this week is:


It was Boo’s 7th birthday this week, and as part of the celebrations we went away for the weekend. We went up to the Peak District, visiting Chatsworth House and Bolsover Castle as well as shopping, eating out, and a hotel stay. It was a really lovely weekend, packed with quality family time. I need this. I need to be out of the house, away from the chores I can see around me, away from the temptation of replying to emails, drafting blog posts and such. And though I do love chilled weekends when the kids just play and lounge around with us (they definitely have their place, or I’d be both exhausted and broke!) weekends like this really do fill me with happiness and relax me. The kids are at the point that it does feel more pleasure than pain going away for the weekend – you know what I mean if you recall baby and toddler days!

We then had Boo’s actual birthday on Monday along with a little birthday tea with her grandparents. Now, I always love my family, but it’s at special times like this that you really appreciate what you have. Our parents were there, doting on both the kids, playing with them, talking to them and generally adoring them as grandparents often do. My auntie called to chat to Boo having sent her a toy that she’d been desperate for, my brother called her to check on her day and tell her he loved her and his wife messaged her, my other sister-in-law messaged her and sent her a gift that made her squeal with delight and even my 20 year old nephew sent a message to say that he and his brother had been thinking of her. My kids are so lucky. I am so lucky. My family of four expands to become a family of many and I am fortunate that we all get along so well with each other. We are close and we are friends as well as family. That means something to me, and I am so pleased that my kids get to grow up surrounded by so much love and affection.

So yes, ‘family’ is my word of the week. It could no doubt feature every week as we are in and out of each other’s lives regularly, but every now and then I like to stop and appreciate it, as it’s not something I take for granted.

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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33 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/10/16”

  1. This is a lovely word for this week. It’s lovely to have such a close family. Hope Boo had a lovely birthday. Sounds like the weekend away was brill. I love the Peak District. Thanks for hosting xx

  2. Happy Birthday Boo ! sounds like you have all had a wonderful week. I know exactly what you mean about getting out of the house where there’s always temptation to constantly be busy. You are very lucky to have such a close family. #WotW

  3. Happy Birthday Boo! What a wonderful word to sum up your week, and it sounds like it has been a wonderful week! It’s so lovely when family are friends too. We get on so well with my parents and my brother and his wife (we have just booked to all take Boo and my nephew to see Santa together).

  4. What a lovely post, I’m glad you had such a lovely break and that Boo had a special birthday. I’ve chosen Family for my word of the week too.

  5. Happy Birthday to little Boo! And that’s what I miss, especially since my family is oceans away and though my husband’s family is at least in the same country, they are still miles away 🙁 Glad you guys had a lovely birthday spent with your family, sounds like a perfect birthday celebration really 🙂 #wotw

  6. Family is a lovely word of the week and what a wonderful one you have. So glad that Boo had such a lovely birthday and it sounds like you had a lovely weekend too. Getting out of the house makes such a difference sometimes – especially getting away from the chores and the to-do list – it’s hard to switch off from it sometimes when you’re at home! Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting #WotW

    1. She had a great time, thanks, as did we all. It always helps to just get away from it all and be completely present with the kids 🙂

  7. Sounds like a lovely week with Boos b’day and Inn lovely that she has so many extended family members around her.
    My mother is one of six and my father one of four, so I understand how joyous it is when all the family unite and that they all get on!
    Hope she had a lovely birthday

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