Word of the Week 7/4/17

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My word of the week this week is:

It’s been a good week. It’s had its normal ups and downs, my hayfever has been driving me mad, my girl’s ruined more uniform than can possibly be normal and there have been the normal day to day ‘aahhh’ moments, but overall, I have felt happy and contented. Why?…

Last weekend saw us having a brilliant mini-break filled with fun adventures not too far away from us in Leicestershire. If you spotted it on my Instastories you’ll know what we got up to, but I will be sharing more here next week. Suffice to say, we all absolutely loved it. And it kind of set the tone for the week.

Little Man and I had a great day out together mid-week, as we went to see the new Power Rangers film (I have to be honest, I liked it far more than I’d expected to!) followed by lunch at Pizza Hut which is always a huge hit as my boy loves that ice cream factory!

I’ve had through quite a few exciting blog emails this week leading to projects and work that I am very enthusiastic about. I’ve also launched a book swap this week that’s proving popular, and I always like to think of pre-loved books going to happy homes. Always makes me buoyant when things are going well here.

I have written my final university assignment and I am ‘happyish’ with it. I’m off to a tutorial tomorrow so I’ll no doubt tweak it after that before submitting it in the next few days, a couple of weeks ahead of my deadline, meaning that I can switch off for a bit over Easter, ready to get back to it and write my end of module assessment after the break.

And today is the last day of term. This week has seen my Little Man go from strength to strength at nursery as he’s so much happier there now and runs off with his friends as soon as we arrive. This week Boo has had the honour of reading the end of day story aloud to the class, a job normally for the teacher, and she’s completed her very first Speech and Drama LAMDA exam. We’re waiting on the results, but she did it and she enjoyed it, so I am proud and happy for her whatever the result. I am looking forward to seeing them both in their Easter bonnet parade this afternoon and then I’m so ready for two weeks off with them and another little mini-break next week. Can’t wait!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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24 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/4/17”

  1. Sounds like it’s been a lovely week. Fingers crossed for Boo on her exam and how lovely that Little Man is now enjoying nursery so much. My girls love the ice cream factory at Pizza Hut too! Good luck with those last tweaks on your assignment and getting it submitted and hope you will have a lovely Easter holiday with Boo and Little Man. My two have been off for a week and it’s been bliss. Thanks for hosting #WotW 🙂

    1. It has been, thanks. You just can’t beat that ice cream factory! Thanks very much, enjoy your next week together, too x

  2. I didn’t know they did Lamda exams at primary age. I worked my way through their grades at secondary and loved them. Well done Boo for doing your exam. They can be nerve wracking, and I hope you do well. Sounds like a good week for you all. Nice to get so much off your desk before the holidays. We went to see Beauty and the Beast. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it too. I am so ready for the end of term.

    1. Yes, they start them in year 2, and she really enjoyed doing it so it would be lovely if she passes, too. My two are off to see that next week with their grandparents and they can’t wait. I’m ready, too, hope you all have a good one x

  3. On the whole it sounds like you’ve had a brilliant week! To be honest I quite fancy watching the Power Rangers film too. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to in Leicester, we live right by it but haven’t visited much. I hope the Easter break is as good for you all x

    1. It has been! I hadn’t really had high expectations for the film, but it was perfectly watchable and the two hours flew by! Thanks, you too x

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  5. What a lovely week you had 🙂 kids are experts at ruining school uniforms.. and no it doesn’t get better as they get older! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the Power Rangers movie and pizza is always good!

  6. Saw some of your trip on Insta. Looked fun. I’m hoping to take the grem to the cinema soon – be a nice one on one thing to do. Glad the work and blog doing well! Thanks for hosting xx

  7. Gosh, I remember the battles you had over your little man at nursery, you must be pleased its going well now.
    Sounds like your week has been a good one & well done Boo on her exams. It’s worrying for us as parents, I think!
    My children love the Ice Cream factory too. I think, if you let them they’d come back with a bowl full of sweets instead!
    Hope you have a lovely, relaxed half term

    1. I’m so pleased, he’s so happy there now, it is great to see. Yes, I’m sure I thought far more about her exam than she did! Thanks, you, too x

  8. Ah a fab week, congrats on getting the assignment finished hope the tutorial is ok, so you know i havent been to Pizza hut for years. That used to be the place to go when I was a teen ha ha, have a lovely week xx

  9. Definitely contented – what a great word to sum up your week. Intrigued by the uniform, but so glad to hear your boy has settled so well at nursery, I bet at times you couldn’t imagine writing that sentence. Have a lovely break with the kids, I think this is the first school holidays of the year when they can really enjoy it as *fingers crossed* the weather is usually nice for the first time. Thanks for hosting #wotw

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