Word of the Week – 8/8/14

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My word of the week this week is:


Not the most scintillating of words, I grant you. I struggled a little this week, to find a theme or a summation. I leaned towards spirited or challenging, as the children have been the former, which I have found to be the latter! My temper has been tested and lost more than once this week! But in the end, I settled on transport for a few reasons…

Little Man is really starting to show clear preferences now that he’s growing into full toddlerhood, and he most definitely likes his transport. He loves brumming his cars around, gets so excited when he sees a tractor when we’re out and about and he impressed me this week by building a fair bit of his train track all by himself. Cars, trains, planes, trucks and tractors will all enthral him and actually hold his attention…for a little while at least! I’ve also been researching balance bikes for him for his upcoming 2nd birthday, which has taken up a fair bit of time so far. There are so many out there, but I’ll figure it out! And then to Boo and her transport. She had her first bus journey this week. My mum had been promising to take her on one for a while and it at last came to pass. She was so excited about going, and fortunately it lived up to expectations as my mum tells me she loved it, and kept telling her so while they were riding – top deck at the front, best seats in the house! And finally, my brother-in-law got his long awaited new car yesterday. He’s been wanting it for a long time, saved for it, ordered it months ago, and hooray it’s finally here! We look forward to seeing it this weekend, which also happens to be my nephew’s birthday – lots of excitement in their house this week!

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42 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 8/8/14”

  1. Nice word? Hope the kids haven’t been too much of a challenge… as a non driver I always smile when kids take their first bus/train, etc. My two now demand window seats or the back row of the bus while i’m down the front with baby!

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      They’ve had their moments! I know, I’m so aware that this is just every day life for loads of kids, but for Boo it was like going to the theme park!

  2. The love of transport is such a part of childhood isn’t it? H loves seeing trains, planes, diggers and tractors. We’re hoping his first trip on a plane in October will be fun for him too. Lovely post x

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Oh, he’ll love that, I’m sure! We’ve not taken them on a plane yet, but that’s sure to be a big adventure! Thank you x

  3. Well done on remaining positive! I feel your pain. Love watching them play with their train set, although the Disney princesses have taken over a bit here!
    And I might be a bit odd, but I still love riding at the front of the top deck on a bus! Great to pretend to be driving! Lol

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Ah, we have those, too, of course! I haven’t been on a bus for years, since I had the kids, I think. But yes, if I did, it;d have to be top deck at the front!

  4. I think this is a great word to sum up your week (I could have easily used the first two words too) Harry is exactly the same as little man and loves all modes of transport 🙂 that’s so sweet that boo loved her bus ride, it’s great when such simple things are just amazing in the kids eyes x

  5. Balance bikes are great, my son loved his. One tip, make sure you get one the right size as we got one for my son, age correct, but it was actually too big.

  6. Our week was definitely challenging – but glad you have managed to find a more positive word for yours. Good luck with finding a balance bike for Little Man and glad Boo enjoyed her bus ride. Hope the challenges of your week ease a little over the weekend and that you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

  7. Lil G loves his tractors and trains, we are also taking our first train journey this month, so excited to see how he reacts, he picks me up from the train in the week and is also so happy to see the train. Sounds like you have had a tough week, hope the kiddies are good to you this weekend x #WotW

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I think it’s just the nature of two small ones at home all week – the 4yo is restless & the 1yo is being extremely ‘independent’! My patience needs to improve! Hope Lil G enjoys the train then. We’re off on Little Man’s first train ride next week! X

  8. Now that we have started the dreaded potty training I am keeping the transport to a minimum for the mo! lol x furthest I’m going is the beach (which is over the road) :)) x

  9. I am totally with you on the challenging moments with the Little Ones!, Monkey has been the same also, he is one very clever man at pushing the buttons so to speak :-0, Hope your brother in law enjoys his car! I bet your Little man will be enthralled with it lol, and also a very Happy Birthday to your Nephew! have a great weekend X

  10. My little boy is transport mad too, especially planes, he loves them! My auntie bought him a balance bike for Christmas just after he turned 2, he’s still not quite figured it all out but he will soon and they’ll be no stopping him! xx

  11. My 11 month old nephew loves the bus. As his mum has a car he very rarely goes on the bus but he loves it. My 15 month old niece is car mad it was one of her first words! She is going to be such a tomboy. Good luck with the search for a balance bike xx

  12. Lovely word of the week Jocelyn. I think most boys (and some girls) at that age are into transport. I for one still like it, though mostly memorizing bus/train stops.

  13. How exciting for your daughter not only did she get to ride on the top deck of the bus, but she got front stage seats too…Lucky girl! I remember that being the place to be, but rarely ever getting to sit there – before they bought in mini bus services.

    It is satisfying watching children using there imagination when playing with toy cars and other modes of transport. It used to make me wonder where they thought they were going, to the end of the road or across the world.

    Just the smell of a new car is exciting and I bet your Little Man will be the most excited to see your brother-in-laws new car.

    1. She was thrilled at the front! I suppose it’s a precedent set now, though, so hope those seats are free on her next journey! I love the imaginary play. They go wherever they like, and who knows where that could be! Thanks x

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