Word of the Week 8/9/17

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My word of the week this week is:

We are all settling back into the school routine here. Fortunately (or not!) my kids never move to that stage of lying in during the holidays, so we’ve not had to adjust to getting up or changing our mornings, though there’s a bit more urgency about them now! We’re back to after school football for Boo, swimming for Little Man and Boo has now joined him there and having had her first lesson this week, is settling in nicely to her new class.

Boo’s enjoying the start of year 3 and is settling in with her new room, teacher and routine. Little Man has been settling into Reception this week, going in for the afternoons before he’s there all day from Monday. I wrote more about him starting school yesterday.

And so as the kids go off, I am settling into a much quieter house. I am easing back into studying and have a bit more time to work here. I think I will find my own routine over the coming weeks, getting back to the gym after the school break, studying and working, and maybe, just maybe, finding the odd day to go out – we will see!

What about you? What one word sums up your week best?

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24 thoughts on “Word of the Week 8/9/17”

  1. So glad that Little Man is settling into school and Boo is enjoying the start of Year 3. Hope Little Man enjoys his first full day on Monday. We’re settling back into routines this week too. I love the school holidays but I have to admit that having some time for myself again on Wednesday was much needed! My girls don’t really sleep in in the school holidays either so getting up times haven’t changed for us – but as you say, there is a bit more urgency in the mornings now! Thanks for hosting #WotW and hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Exciting times with Little Man starting school. I hope he continues to enjoy it. We seem to have slipped back into the routine seamlessly. Only my Middle One has new teachers and classrooms, and she takes everything in her stride. Hope you settle into your study/gym/school pickup routine with ease.

  3. We won’t have the problem of getting used to lying in either, I think the latest we’ve slept in all holiday is 8am! I’m glad you are all settling into your new routines.

  4. I’m glad your children are settling back into school so well. It can take a while to get back to normality after such a long break. My kids all love a lie in so this week hasn’t been without issues when they’ve had to start getting up again!

  5. Ahh! We did get into the routine of sleeping in during the holidays so this week has been quite a shock to us. lol
    It sounds like everyone is settling into the new routines well. Good luck to your Little Man starting full time next week. x

  6. I’m having a little break from WotW this week but still wanted to pop in and comment. It sounds like everyone has settled nicely into the new routines. I hope all goes well for little man on Monday. I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the peace yet as my husband is off work, it’s a lot quieter without the kids here that’s for sure. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Yes this week was all about settling in and getting back into routines. So glad Little Man has settled into school especially as you had some nursery challenges a wee while ago – it still doesn’t seem that long ago he was at nursery! I hope they both had a lovely day & are settling into their routines.
    For us the school holidays mean not waking to the alarm (well, the children not me!) so they do normally wake up a little bit later. However, at the weekend they always seem to wake up doubly early!
    Thanks for hosting #WoTW; it’s been great catching up with all the linkers again!


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