Yikes, Stinkysaurus – Review

In our house, books about dinosaurs always go down well. We love Tyrannosaurus Drip, Dinosaur Roar, and those Dinosaur that Pooped.. books. So when ‘Yikes, Stinkysaurus’ arrived, I suspected it might go down well – I was right!

yikes, stinkysaurusYikes, Stinkysaurus by Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Sam Lloyd

Stinkysaurus is the smelliest dinosaur in the whole wide world, and don’t the other dinosaurs know it!

The dinos rushed for cover,
When Stinkysaurus was about!
He smelled so bad that just one whiff,
Could knock a T-Rex out! 

He never ever brushed his teeth,
So his breath was super-grotty.
And, poo! You won’t believe the smells,
That parped out from his botty!
Yikes, Stinkysaurus!

Finally, however, the other dinosaurs decide that the time has come for Stinkysaurus to take a bath. But will Stinkysaurus agree? Find out in this pong-fest of a picture book.

This is a lovely rhyming story about poor little Stinkysaurus, shunned and feared by his dino community due to his pong! As you’d expect from brilliant illustrator Sam Lloyd, the pictures are bright, colourful and funny, and so the two combinations make for a great children’s book that had Boo giggling throughout and Little Man enjoying the pictures. It’s just the right length to hold Little Man’s attention, whilst not being too ‘babyish’ for Boo – perfect for us!

This is Pamela Butchart’s debut picture book, and is the first in a series of dinosaur-themed picture books. We’re looking forward to more!

Thanks to Bloomsbury books for sending us a copy to review.

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